5 Reasons Why Doing A Honeymoon Gift Registry Is The Best Idea You’ve Ever Had! 

What are the best things about getting married? Getting to spend the rest of your life with the one you love, feeling like the centre of attention, having all your loved ones close by and of course the honeymoon. Because that will be one of the best holidays of your entire life. Every couple wants to do a little extra for their honeymoon, go a little over budget and enjoy as much luxury as they possibly can.

Now just imagine, this once in a lifetime holiday could be gifted to you by your loved ones, so you can have the most unforgettable time and not spend a penny on it. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Welcome to honeymoon gift registries, the easiest (and free) solution to getting the honeymoon of your dreams. Just add your holiday to your registry and have loved ones contribute to it.

Here’s why doing a honeymoon gift registry is a great idea! 

You get the holiday of your dreams, for free! 

That is literally enough reason to create one. Your loved ones will give you a wedding gift irrespective. But imagine, instead of getting lamps and punch bowls you actually get to go on a beautiful holiday with your partner. Weddings are expensive affairs and to spend on a honeymoon post that can pinch. This way you get to have the best holiday without paying a penny for it. 

Your guests will LOVE IT! 

Everyone who loves you wants to give you something you will enjoy and use as a wedding present. Guests don’t mean to gift bad gifts. They simply don’t know what you want most of the times. By doing a honeymoon gift registry, they know exactly what you want and the best part is they can contribute exactly the amount they want without going overbudget. 

Memories are the best gift

Your honeymoon will be a treasure trove of memories for the rest of your life. You’ll have photos from that holiday in your home and anecdotes in your heart. It’s also a great way for you and your partner to bond and get ready for your new life together. And every time you look back at it, you will think of all the loved ones who gifted it to you. And what could be a better feeling that that—for you and for them! 

You can use the money saved as a nest egg

The money you would have spent on your honeymoon can become a little nest egg of savings for your new life. You could invest it for a stronger financial future, put it down as a deposit for a new car or even use it to build your home together. There are so many amazing ways you can use that money. 

You can go for something better than you originally planned

Since post-wedding budgets are often tight for couples, they may have to sacrifice on their dream destination. However, when hundreds of guests are pooling in to gift it to you, you can definitely upgrade your holiday plans and spend it on a longer getaway or a better hotel or some really amazing experiences. 

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