5 Reasons Why You Need to Explore Virtual Weddings If You’re Getting Married in 2022

The Pandemic is slowly beginning to loosen its hold on our normal and we are moving back towards our pre pandemic lives. It is important at this time to make some adjustments to our worldview based on the things we have all been able to explore and learn from during the pandemic, Virtual weddings and celebrations being one of them. 

Virtual Weddings
Virtual Weddings

We have all attended at least one virtual wedding during the pandemic, and let’s admit it, the experience has been fun. They are easier, smarter, hassle free and super chill. Here’s our take on why you should explore a virtual wedding if you are getting married in 2022.

They are so economical:

A virtual wedding brings the best of both worlds to you, where you can spend your special day with only the people you are super close to, and still have those you care about be a part of it virtually. Not only it saves you food and lodging expenses for a lot of people, but also is easier on their pockets as they do not have to spend on tickets and plan months ahead of time for leaves and travel time. 

It allows you to reallocate your finances to things that really matter: beautiful memorabilia for the guests, your wedding photographs, the experience of the wedding that you and your close family and friends would want to remember forever. 


The logistics are much easier:

Virtual weddings are super hassle free, as you do not have to bother about the logistics of hosting a hundred people for multiple days across different functions. Our Virtual wedding setup allows you to have a super chill experience where we manage everything that needs to be managed while you can relax and focus on what’s really important, getting married. There are no delays to be accommodated on account of that one uncle who did not like the arrangement, or that one acquaintance who took too long to get dressed. 

There are no vehicles, drivers and staff that need to be arranged for movement of a hundred guests, and there are no worries about venues overcharging you for food because it is impossible for you to keep track of the headcount. 

They are super efficient in terms of time:

Virtual weddings save a lot of time, both for you and for your guests. It saves a lot of guests who live in places that require a lot of planning in terms of travel, the time to actually travel to the wedding, which they can effectively use in becoming a part of your celebrations virtually. It also saves you long arduous hours of sitting on the stage to meet and greet everyone formally which, let’s face it, is the least favourite part of every couple’s wedding memory. 

They also enable you to minimise disruptions during the ceremony so that everything can be managed well in time, and you, and everyone around you is able to get a wholesome, enjoyable experience of your wedding. 


They are a lot of fun:

Physical weddings are definitely fun, but they are also chaotic and can become super stressful for the bride and groom. Virtual weddings allow you and your guests to actually take it easy and have a smooth wedding in absence of the thousand things that create chaos in physical weddings. With everyone who matters attending your wedding in real time from all across the world, without the hassle of physically managing stays, food, gifts and “oonch neech”, virtual weddings bring the best of both worlds to you.

 Everyone gets to be a part of your day and see you get married up close, rather than scrounging in the crowd to catch a glimpse of your varmala. And you get to take your time to interact with everyone instead of rushing through people on the stage. It’s a win win for everyone! 

So if you are getting married in 2022, give a Virtual wedding a chance. With our virtual wedding packages, we will ensure that you get to live the day of your dreams just the way you want it, while we take care of everything else. You can get a digital album made for all the precious memories, and your guests can also send your gifts from your registry, which will be delivered to your doorstep when you want them to be. Explore our virtual wedding packages here. 

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