5 romantic honeymoon ideas that can actually happen this year!

If you’re getting married, or are recently married, you must be pretty exhausted with all the waves and uncertainties that have been a part of lives over the last few years. And planning a honeymoon in the midst of this can be particularly challenging. With constantly changing travel norms and restrictions, it is unrealistic to think you can get away with a long and exotic vacation. However, we’ve got you some romantic honeymoon ideas that can actually happen in 2022!

Are you ready to plan an unforgettable holiday with your better half? Here are a few romantic honeymoon ideas that you can explore…

Romantic Honeymoon Ideas
Romantic Honeymoon Ideas

Luxury Staycation

You know those uber-luxury resorts that we all would love to stay at but can never really afford to do so? From Khyber in Gulmarg to Udaivilas in Udaipur or Taj Faluknama in Hyderabad, the list of breath-taking (but also bank-breaking) properties in Indian is practically endless. And while these may not make it to your usual holiday destinations, a romantic staycation at one of these could end up being an incredibly romantic honeymoon. These properties have mastered the art of luxury service and you and your spouse are bound to be treated like royalty. Also, they follow rigorous safety protocols, offer amazing recreational activities and stunning private villas. To be safe, you can choose one which is driving distance from your home, and eliminate the risk of flying.


 Heritage rentals 

Are you an Air Bnb pro? Know how to find the best rentals in town? Then this is your chance to put it to use, because it can translate into a very romantic honeymoon idea. Find a gorgeous rental in your city—something artsy or historic with old age charm. And just move in with your spouse for a week or more. It could be like setting up a new mini home and rediscovering your city, and it can have a nice charm to it. It will give you both a chance to “play house” before you actually get locked down in your marital home! 

Hillside Magic

The most popular travel destination award for the last 2 years have to be the hills. Indian hillstations have become the new hotspots for travellers, and with good reason. You would usually have something within driving distance, they’re fairly secluded, the weather is amazing always and they provide the perfect romantic backdrop. Enjoy the fresh air and steep hikes of a nearby hill station with your spouse and recreate your very own romantic Bollywood moment. Isn’t that a romantic honeymoon idea? 

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There’s Always Maldives…

Or Srilanka and other close countries that have been broadly away from COVID and the safety haven for travellers. If you and your partner are itching to travel abroad, then these countries offer a very romantic getaway for couples. The trick is in finding a property you will not want to exit much and stay put as you enjoy the beachside fun. However, make sure you check travel norms, are vaccinated and get your tests done on time. 

Make your home a honeymoon

If you’re going to be living by yourself post the wedding and don’t want to risk travel, you can always plan a really interesting week at home. From fun games and activities to a movie under the stars and makeshift date nights, you can get as inventive as you like!

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