5 Ways To Add A Personalized Touch To Your Virtual Wedding Celebration

Virtual weddings are new to the landscape of India, the land which was epitomized by the big fat Indian wedding. We’ve conventionally been known for larger-than-life celebrations and thousand-people guest lists, not virtual celebrations. And so many couples opting for this choice fear it might become impersonal for their guests. However, there are many ways of hosting a virtual wedding that can be personalized, memorable and special for every single guest attending. Here are some ways to make that happen. 

Make it a party they won’t forget

The most alienating part of a virtual wedding is that guests don’t get to interact with other guests and the couple. A great way of solving that problem is to get create virtual rooms for your guests to get together and party in. You can do this via your wedding website, where each guest who comes in can choose a room that fits them—you can create rooms for friends, family, colleagues etc. Once they’re in their room, they can chat with other guests and have fun while watching the live stream. The couple can enter each room and spend some time with the guests to make them feel extra special. 

Usher in the change! 

Since the idea of virtual weddings and party rooms are still new, it can get a little confusing for older or non-tech savvy guests to understand how it all works. Also, guests may not be very interactive or zone out if left on their own. In such a case, you can get online ushers who will welcome each guest, send them to the respective room, play games, entertain and manage the flow of events. They are very helpful in making sure everything proceeds smoothly. 

Let the games begin

An amazing way of making everyone feel engaged with the celebrations is to do a games night for all your guests on a video call. You can turn this into a party and have an usher make everyone play bingo, Trivia or any other game. You can add music, dance and other forms of entertainment here so it’s an unforgettable experience for everyone attending. 

Gifts of love 

What is a wedding without great food and lots of gifts and favours? Don’t miss out on that part of the wedding just because its virtual. You can have cute hampers with desserts, snacks and customized memorabilia delivered to all the guests before the function. You can also have some party decorations sent to everyone, which they can put up on the wall behind them before they join the celebration. All these will add a tangible element to a virtual wedding and make everyone love the experience. 

Capture it to perfection

Just like you would have a photographer capture your physical wedding, keep recordings of all your online parties and the livestream. And get them all combined into a really nice, emotive and short movie which you can upload on your website. Guests can access it here and relive the moments of your special day.

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