6 Reasons Why You Will Love Marrying a Delhi Girl!

Raise your hand if you’re about to get married to or are already married to a Delhi girl? We’re not saying it’s easy or cheap, but the best things in life aren’t, right? All stereotypes about Delhi aside, there are many many amazing things you experience if you end up marrying a Delhi girl and we’re about to point them out for you. Read on and give us a shout out if you agree…

Delhi Wedding Filmers
Delhi Wedding Filmers

She’ll ALWAYS be well dressed! 

We all want our partners to look good, but will a Delhi girl, you’ll get that round the clock. They’ve mastered the art of on-point dressing (and sometimes overdressing) and you’ll never find them with a hair out of place. From perfectly done nails to a fully coordinated outfit, they will make sure they’re a sight for sore eyes irrespective of when you see them! 

Just because they look like a million bucks doesn’t mean they’ve spent it! 

Ok, the most common misconception about Delhi is the enormous amounts girls spend on clothes, accessories and the likes. What you’ll know when you marry a Delhi girl is that she is as adept at buying brands as she is with high-street and literal streets. From hidden jewels of Sarojini to the rare finds in GK, she knows how to look fab without always spending. 


You will never go hungry

Anyone from Delhi, not just girls, are happy eaters. Delhi-ites live for food and love it. So when you marry a Delhi girl you’ll probably find a partner to binge with and scour local delicacies with. The odds are, she’ll also be a great cook, because the predominantly Punjabi culture comes with magic in the kitchen. And they way to every man’s heart is through his stomach, right?

Are bold and they know it! 

When you marry a Delhi girl, you get a lot of things, but meek is not one of them. Having navigated a city that is not exactly the highest ranked on woman safety for most of their lives, they know how to take care of themselves. They also know how to bust a jaw or two if needed. They will take care of themselves and dive right into a fight for you—there’s no fear here! 


They’ve nailed the art of jugaad

Delhi does not produce dainty. The women of the capital know how to get what they want, any way they have to. From finding the best bargains to getting out of a parking ticket and sneaking a drink into the theatre, they have the in-built art of finding a way out. And when you’re married to them, you can benefit from all this smartness! 

They’re adaptable

From living in the most bureaucratic city in the country, to a hotbed of cultures, sometimes conservative mindsets and sometimes a lot of hustle, if there is one thing a Delhi girl knows how to do is adapt and adjust. They know how to make their place and fit in. And this is something every man will be lucky to have! 

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