7 Awesome Things About Having a Hybrid Wedding

We’ve all heard of hybrid cars, but wondering what a hybrid wedding is? Necessitated by COVID19, they have now become a popular choice among young millennials getting married, due to the innumerable advantages it comes with. Hybrid weddings are those that are partly physical and partly virtual, allowing you to have some guests present at the venue while others attend online. So what are the awesome things about having one? Here goes… 

Hybrid Wedding
Hybrid Wedding

Every guest is someone you love deeply

One of the most unfortunate parts of having a big fat Indian wedding is that the guest list spirals into hundreds of people, a majority of them not personally known to the couple. And who wants to spend their big day giving big smiles to people they don’t really care about? In a hybrid wedding, you can have the people you love the most be physically present while everyone else attends virtually. Now isn’t that a win win? 

You save A LOT of money

Physical weddings are ridiculously expensive and can seriously dent a family’s savings. By having a hybrid one, you can have the best experience with those closest to you but still save a lot of money. When your guest list shrinks from 500 to 50, the money spent on hosting the ceremony becomes drastically reduced. And who wouldn’t want that?

You can make it a lot more luxurious

Another amazing thing about having a hybrid wedding is that since the number of guests is reduced, you can actually have a much more luxurious celebration without having to spend as much. So if you were looking to host the wedding at a banquet, you could now do it at a 5-star property, you could do a heavier décor because the space would be smaller and invest in a top grade caterer or larger food variety. 

You can have a destination wedding 

The biggest bottleneck to having a destination wedding is the number of guests attending, because to host people for a couple of days outside is not only very expensive but also a logistical nightmare. In a hybrid wedding, that becomes possible. 

Your guests can attend from anywhere

Your closest people may be in distant parts of the world, or unable to attend due to travel restrictions. And that can be heart-breaking. By having a hybrid celebration, you can be rest assured that every one you want will be able to be a part of your big day. 

You stay safe!

One of the best things about having a hybrid wedding is that you can be assured your celebration is much safer than it would have been otherwise. Given the pandemic, it is advisable to have fewer guests whom you know are safe than having an all out celebration. And the last thing you want is someone catching the virus at your wedding. 

You can have a digital album

If you’re worried about missing out on all the moments from your virtual celebration, then worry not because Wedding Wishlist gives you a digital album covering the live stream, guest chats and more… 

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