7 Learning Essentials That Must Make It to Every Baby Gift Registry

If you’re in the process of creating your baby gift registry, it must be exciting times. Choosing all the things your little one needs and having them gifted to you by your loved ones almost feels like Christmas—it’s gifts galore and it’s everything you want! So it might be tempting to add all those adorable dresses and shoes and stuffed toys to your registry. However, your little one has a very sharp mind, and these books and learning aids will be a great addition to your baby gift registry and his life. 


Here are some learning essentials that must make it to every baby gift registry

Books, books & more books!

The benefits of reading to a newborn and unprecedented. They develop vocabulary, a love for books and the ability to sit and concentrate. And while you may wonder what a 1 month old will be grasping in a book, trust us, it’s habit-forming and a great activity for your little one. Get the classics like Good Night Moon & The Hungry Caterpillar to start with and you can keep building from there. 

Touch & feel books 

Because newborns don’t have fully developed vision, it can be hard for them to make sense of coloured images in books. Cloth books and touch and feel books are great for these babies as it helps them understand different textures and enhances their curiosity. 

Flash Cards

Like we said, newborns can’t see colour, but only black and white. It takes months before they gain their full vision. However, black and white flashcards with bold attractive prints are great to get them stimulated and give their eyes some workout. Montessori brands have some really nice versions of these. 

Musical toys

Babies love music, so anything that plays soft soothing music can be great for them. It helps them hone their hearing, develops a taste for their music choices (time to play Beethoven) and magically, lulls them into sleep. So get toys that have gentle musical functions. 

Tummy Time Mats 

This is a great age for babies to learn how to gently move their bodies, and hopefully in a few months, turn. A good tummy time mat can be used to give the baby practice in this field as well as teach them head control. Practicing tummy time daily has shown remarkable physical progress in infants. 

Peekaboo Mirrors 

Babies are fascinated by mirrors and if you follow the Montessori school of thought, they insist that you have a big mirror for the baby to play with in the nursery. While this may be a bigger investment, you can always get rattles and toys that have small mirrors attached to them and let your little one admire her cuteness. 

Play Gym 

A good play gym with hanging animals and activities like music is a great way for your toddler to learn basic limb movements. They extend their arms to reach out to the hanging softies and they use their feet to play music. This can not only keep them entertained for hours, it also helps them understand color, texture and movement. 

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