7 Types Of Wedding E-Invites That Are Perfect For A Winter Wedding In 2022

Let’s face it, print invites are a thing of the past. In an increasingly tech-savvy world, the idea of printing invitations, labelling them and couriering or hand delivering them is exhausting. On the other side, for guests e-invites are far more convenient. They don’t have to keep the invite safe, it’s always on their phone and easily accessible. Plus it saves the environment (no more paper!) and saves the couple a big packet of money.

Wedding E-invite
Wedding E-invite

So if you’re getting married this year, here are some wedding invite styles that will wow your guests and remove the need of any kind of physical invitation. 

Classic single page invite

These invites are simple, beautiful and perfect for couples having a single function. They also work great for those who may have multiple functions but want to invite a large part of their guests for only a single function. You can be as creative as you like with these, go for colors and motifs that complement your wedding theme and send them with ease to everyone. This year, Pantone has named Veri Peri as their color of the year, and you could use this as a trendy start to your design. 




Multi-page invites 

If you are having a big fat wedding with a multitude of functions, these invites are great! You can add detailed information about each function here, and send them to your guests as one cohesive invite rather than separate pages. These invitations, because they’re a series of cards, have a beautiful theme running through them and given that florals are a big part of the wedding trends for this year, you could choose that as your design base. 




Animated invites 

If you want to create something that’s a little more fun and interesting than a simple e-invite, then animated invites are a great option. You can make them single or multipage and add a fun, animated element to bring the whole design together. They look really beautiful and are something new for guests. The only challenge that one faces here are that these could be a little heavy when sending as a message. But today, with great bandwidth access, this isn’t an insurmountable hurdle. You can do a beautiful traditional invite and animate the Indian elements to make them stand out. 




Video Invites 

Couples looking for something very grand can always opt for a beautiful video invite. These invites have music, movement and storytelling, all of which give the guests a really holistic and memorable experience. You can choose a number of themes for a video invite, and even customise one that tells your story or highlights your wedding destination. However, you also get beautiful templates that are apt for couples getting married in India. Video invites work very well for couples having a destination wedding as you can give guests a peek into what to expect. 




Illustration invites 

These invites are perfect for couples who love attention to detail, because to create invites that are illustrated is not just a lot of work, but also look beautiful. You can create avatars of yourself or use already-made illustrations to make your point. The scope for creativity here is very high, and you can do pretty Indian elements, from puppets to Bollywood-esque drawings to create intrigue. 




Photo Invites 

If you’re someone who loves to take pictures and has every moment of your love story documented, photo invites are perfect for you! You can use these to give the guests a glimpse into your life by using beautiful images. These invites are also highly personalised and fun for guests to receive. 




Quirky Invites 

Now that you’ve seen it all, you can use any of the above formats but bring a little bit of quirk and fun into any of them. For couples who like to do things differently, you can use this option and go for a bright palette, funny elements and interesting wording to create an invite that will be the talk of the town. 




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