7 Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas That Will Be an Instant Hit in 2022

Many a men are sacrificed on the altar of “not finding the perfect anniversary gift” every year, simply for their inability to come up with any decent wedding anniversary gift ideas. And to all the men who think getting a vacuum or any other household appliance for their wife is a smart move, you really really need to read further.

wedding anniversary gift ideas
wedding anniversary gift ideas

We bring to you some of the most memorable and fun wedding anniversary gift ideas that are sure to be an instant hit this year. Read on and get inspired. 

His & Her sets 

A really adorable gift to give your partner for your anniversary is a his and her set that keeps you both twinning through the day. From matching luxury pyjama sets to towels and bath accessories, there is a whole bunch of products you can have customised with your names or initials. Your partner is sure to love this special gesture. 

An experience 

A super wedding anniversary gift idea is to not get a gift but instead invest in an experience. From a luxury staycation to a full-blown holiday or even a couple’s massage, experiences make the best gifts because they help you and your partner create unforgettable memories. 



History is witness that this is one gift that will always get you extra points from the wife. When it comes to a first wedding anniversary gift, this is literally the most appreciated gift you can get your partner. It’s beautiful, it’s forever and it shows that you’re not being stingy. And to all the women, this applies both ways—you too can get your husband a chain, a wrist band or a beautiful timepiece. 


Yes, it sounds sad but we’re not really talking about the Amazon variety here! A really adorable wedding anniversary gift idea (especially if you’ve left the gift-buying to the last minute) is to create custom vouchers for your partners. These could range from a date night of their choice to breakfast in bed and a one-time forgiveness card. Make these by hand and let your partner use them over the span of the whole year. 


For those who truly don’t want anything or don’t believe in gifting, make a charitable donation on your partner’s name on the occasion of your anniversary. You will get abundant blessings and it will make someone else’s day also special. You can contribute to any cause you feel passionate about. 


Something limited edition

Now what is a better gift to give your spouse than something limited edition—just like them. See what they like and get something in that category, be it bags, watches, sports equipment or any other interest they have. Have it customised for extra effect and you know this is a gift that will get you unlimited appreciation. 

Home improvement 

Have you and your partner been planning to buy that totally gorgeous couch but it’s a tad out of your budget? Or been eyeing that 80 inch plasma for your den but wondering if you REALLY need it? Now’s a great time to invest in those items on your bucket list and knock two birds from one feather. It’s a great wedding anniversary gift idea! 

Or just create a gift registry on Wedding Wishlist and get everything you both want. Because the best gifts are the ones that truly make you happy. 

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