The Beauty of Adoption- a Journey Worthwhile

They say children light up your life. Having a child in the family puts a whole new positive spin on anything you look at. There is no discrimination between parents who get to have a child or not. Unfortunately, couples are pushed to make tough decisions. To have a child or not. This decision can stem from many reasons, be it medical, mental, or even socio-economical reasons. Nonetheless, it has to be made. There are times when they have made this decision, wanting to have a child but can not have their own. In this case, adoption is a possibility. Sadly it is not seen positively. 


Twilight of Adoption

The taboo of adoption is mythical. Society has created this to ensure that families stay true to blood. Being in the 21st century this ideology is something that doesn’t belong to this era. We must move on, become the times, be part of it, and change. Adoption is beautiful and sacred. A bond between a mother and child need not rise from the fact that they share the same DNA. It is beneficial for everyone involved in this. The adopted child, the adopted parents, and the birth parents as well. This beautiful symbiotic relationship is something people don’t appreciate or rather see. 

Spreading Happiness

Couples who are biologically unable to have a child of their own, as a result tends to be the most family-planned couple. They have thought of and found solutions to various possibilities, for even situations couples with biological children have never thought of. These couples just want to share the love that they have and provide a home that they were privileged to have to someone who is not so privileged as themselves. These couples have taken forward what motto education institutions have, “no child left behind” to a whole new level of understanding and execution.  

Not only the adopting parents but the birth parents also benefit from this. This ideology also takes the pressure of unplanned pregnancy off their shoulders. This doesn’t mean that teen or young adult unplanned pregnancy is encouraged but for in unforetold circumstances the guilt of giving up the child would be eased out. The parents can be at peace, the child will be taken care of well. 

Last but not the least, the child themselves gains stability in their life. They can live up to their full potential by being exposed to life probably far more than what they would have been exposed to with their birth parents. Who can pass up a good life, full of love and respect?


This synergy isn’t something to ignore. Adoption should be embraced with arms akimbo and not considered as a topic that needs to be discussed within four walls. On the other side of the same coin, shouldn’t we also encourage such a beautiful act of extending the safety blanket of a family to someone who deserves much more?

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