Top Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas in Corona Times

We are all familiar with the situation now. Even though the country is not under any lockdown, going out and socializing with people is not the same as before. Being safe and healthy is of the utmost importance right now. Needless to say, spending your anniversary in quarantine will not be the same as before. A vacation and a fancy dinner out are all obsolete in corona times. Since these are changed times, you definitely have to look for new anniversary ideas. Things that worked before will definitely not work now.

So, here are some anniversary ideas that every couple can make use of in corona times!

anniversary ideas
anniversary ideas

#1. Create a time capsule

This is one of the best anniversary ideas we’ve come across. There are several ways you can go about creating a time capsule. Either you can treat it as a little D-I-Y project or create one online. There are endless possibilities. You can write a letter to your partner’s future self and seal it with one (or a few) gifts. Many also store wine when making their time capsule. The period of time you want to store it for can vary and it’s completely your choice. But a substantial time period will be around 5 years or more. 

#2. Movie night

Cinema halls are not going to open anytime soon. So at this point, the best you can do is get a projector and turn your home into a mini theatre. If you have a home theatre, then that’s the cherry on top! You can watch a movie that you watched on your first date or something that means something to both of you. If you don’t have any particular movie that fits the bill, then opt for a movie that you both love. Have some dim lights on, choose a really comfortable and cozy spot and ensure you’re surrounded by your favorite food, snacks, and drinks!

#3. Recreate your first date

This is one of the most loved anniversary ideas. It works best if you’ve been married for quite some time now. Since everyone is confined to their homes, try to recreate your first date indoors. From a restaurant-style dinner to even camping inside, be innovative and come up with ideas to recreate the special moment. For example, if you’re going to go with a restaurant-style fine dinner, you can also print out the menu of the restaurant. But if at all you have to go outside take the necessary precautions and don’t go to places that are crowded. 

#4. Renew your wedding vows

If you’ve watched a lot of Hollywood rom-coms or romantic movies, you’ll be familiar with the bride and groom’s heartfelt vows at their wedding. While in India, the wedding vows are in the form of mantras. So you can take this as an opportunity to write heartfelt wedding vows for each other. You can do it in private or also have a mini. Virtual ceremony with your best friends and family. 

#5. D-I-Y Gifts

This is one of the most actionable anniversary ideas. Stay at home and make something for your partner yourself. Art supplies are now easily available for each other. So make something creative and memorable for each other. You can also create. A scrapbook with your photos and things you’ve done together, places you’ve been to etc. Keep in mind, that this is just to store some good memories and make them tangible.

#6. A walk down memory lane

Another thing you can do while in quarantine is taking a walk down memory lane. You can also make a video or a photo series that depicts your time together. Look at your wedding pictures, relive the big day. As you see the photos and videos, you’ll end up discussing some of the best moments in life (and maybe even fall in love with each other all over again!)

#7. Make future plans

Being stuck at home now can really help you build communication. So use this opportunity and talk to each other. Talk to each other about career plans and personal ones too. We may sometimes tend to overlook little things in our busy lives. So take this opportunity and tell and show your partner how much you appreciate them. You can also write down your 3-year or 10-year plan etc. and communicate and not down the steps you’re going to take to achieve them. This is one of the anniversary ideas that can definitely help bring you closer. 

#8. Treasure Hunt

Everybody loves a good treasure hunt. So, create an elaborate treasure hunt with difficult clues to find the gift you got for your better half. You can also ask your partner to create one for you. Pro tip: Ask your partner to go to the grocery store to pick up a few things or your family and ask them to call just your partner over to meet them or give them something or even fake an emergency. Use this time to stash your clues and gift! 

#9. Create a post-pandemic bucket list

This can turn out to be one of the most actionable anniversary ideas so far. So sit down with your partner and write down a list of things you missed, things you’re excited for and want to do once this corona situation clears. It doesn’t matter how small it is, if you’re excited about it and want to do it together it goes on the list. From having dinner at a new restaurant that you really wanted to try but didn’t get a chance to even your post-pandemic travel destinations, make a list of everything that you really want to do post this pandemic. It could be really fun and can also bring you closer than ever!

We hope with these anniversary ideas, you’ll be able to have a perfect celebration. You can take this a step forward by virtually celebrating your day with your close ones through a virtual celebration. Smart and hassle-free!

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