Wedding gifts —What NOT to get the couple!

Picking the right wedding gift can be tricky. You might not know the couple well enough, you definitely don’t know what others are getting them, and they refuse to tell you what they want. And yet, you want to get them something they’ll love and use.

Wedding gifts not to get
Wedding gifts

Well, we can’t tell you what wedding gifts to buy, but we can definitely tell you what NOT to get the couple! Read on to find out more…

#1. Assorted Tableware

Now you must be thinking we’re all crazy here, because isn’t tableware the best wedding gift to give a couple? Well, it may or may not be. While couples starting a new home love to receive pretty crockery and glassware, it only makes sense when you gift the entire set. Two really stunning plates, one gorgeous serving bowl or a cutlery set for two makes sense for no one! Assorted crockery and cutlery could be pretty, but practically speaking it is of very little use to a couple. What’s the likelihood that they’ll have something that matches with your gift? So go the whole hog, or just stay away from this choice.

#2. Gym equipment / membership

Ok, unless you are 100% sure this is something the couple wants, it is not a good idea to gift anything in this category. A pair of dumbells as a wedding gift is basically just dumb! It gives out the message that you think the couple needs to lose weight, and no one likes hearing that! So steer clear!

#3. Edibles

Typically, a basket of delicious cupcakes or melt-in-the-mouth cookies are a great gift. But for a couple getting married, it’s a terrible choice! In all likelihood, the couple will get to open their wedding gifts once they’ve had a chance to settle in or post their honeymoon. And in that much time, the edibles are likely to rot.

#4. Religious gifts

Religion is personal. And if you don’t know a couple well, it’s not the smartest idea to gift them something distinctly religious. Be it a holy book or an idol, these gifts need to be kept with respect and care, and you don’t want to burden a couple that does not share your religious beliefs to do the same. So this gift is best avoided!

#5. Something sexist!

So you’re the groom’s friend/colleague and think it’s really funny to get him a copy of “How to survive matrimony”, think again. What may seem like a joke to you could seriously offend one of the partners, so unless you know the bride, the groom and their tolerance levels really well, don’t try and exhibit your wittiness with your wedding gifts.

Seems like everything is off your list? Even more confused about what wedding gift to get the couple now? Well, the smartest, quickest and easiest way to get the couple a gift they will truly appreciate is to ask them to create a wedding gift registry.

They can simply create a list of wedding gifts they would love and share with guests. All you have to do is pick your favourite from their list and buy or contribute towards it. We’ll do the packing and shipping for you!

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Refer a Couple to create a Free Gift Registry

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