5 Meaningful Baby Boy Names Perfect for Your Little One

As parents, you would always want the best for your child. From the best apparel, gear, food to names. Many people associate the name of the baby with their future or character. Hence, a strong name is indeed very important. Religion and beliefs do play a crucial role in choosing the baby’s name. But with time, millennial parents are opting for more trendy names which have a unique ring to them. As the baby will carry the name for all their life, do pay a great deal of attention. For your little prince make sure the name you choose is ahead of its time and the best out of all the baby boy names.

Baby boy names
Baby boy names

So to help you out, here is the list of beautiful and meaningful baby boy names:

#1. Evak

Indian originated name, Evak means equal. Don’t you want your baby boy to grow up as someone who is not only wise but also treats everyone with respect & equality? Which name will be perfect other than this?

#2. Kai

The name Kai has a lot of origins. In Japanese, Kai means sea. An aquatic name is not only cool but it is always in the trend.

#3. Enzo

One of the most favored names, Enzo means a winner and it originated in Italy. Who doesn’t want their kids to be victorious? This strong name is perfect for a champ!

#4. Ojas

Again an Indian origin name, Ojas means strong one. With a good ring to the name, it is quite popular. Trendy and meaningful, it is the ONE!

#5. Adiel

In Arabic, Adiel means righteous and fair. If you are looking for a noble and beautiful name then you found what you are looking for!

Now that you are all set with our baby boy names, we can’t for you to impress your guests with a stunning name during the baby naming ceremony. Worried that some of your guests can’t make it? Make sure no loved one misses the fun, with a virtual naming ceremony.

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