Find out how the online baby registry effectively helped Dr Mithila.

“When it was time to plan my baby shower, I didn’t think twice about it and made a gift registry like I always wanted.”

Mithila Negalur

A baby brings with it immense joy, hand in hand with many new needs. Diapers, clothing, bedding, toys, baby gear, and feeding accessories – the list is endless. With you having some preferences as parents and multiple gifts pouring in from friends & family, how do you ensure that your baby gets only the best? An online baby registry makes it easier for the parents, as well as the guests, to find the Best baby gift!

Dr. Mithila's baby gift registry
Dr. Mithila’s baby gift registry

Here’s what new mama Dr Mithila has to say about the baby gift registry.

Precious Beginnings

Absolutely overjoyed to become parents, Mithila & Nikhil welcomed their beautiful baby girl. “Though sometimes exhausting and overwhelming, it feels so beautiful and heavenly to hold her and watch her smile!”, says Mithila. Baby duty, visits to the paediatrician, and cute cuddle sessions keep them busy, as they master new schedules and skills.

Click, choose, send!

The lockdown forced Mithila to have a virtual baby shower, but it did not manage to dampen the celebrations! The whole family was involved in fun games, singing, and dancing. Mithila made a baby gift registry at Wedding Wishlist which also offers online invitations for Baby showers and guests could choose and send out Best baby gifts from their very homes. “I was introduced to this concept a few years back by a friend, who had a gift registry for her wedding, and I had absolutely loved this idea of organizing your gifts for your special occasion.” shares Mithila. When it came to her own baby shower, she did not have to think twice about having a registry.

The majority of the guests were happy to use the registry, despite it being a new concept. They could pick something for Mithila & Nikhil, knowing that it was a gift they liked and would use.

The Road Ahead

“With the market and internet flooded with so many baby products, an online baby registry is a fantastic idea to get exactly what you want, while making it so easy for your guests too”, says Mithila. She believes that the concept of a registry as well as online invitations for Baby showers will slowly evolve not just for baby showers but also for weddings and other occasions. With increased awareness about its presence in India and its functionality, she is confident it would be the next trend.

Mithila’s Wise Words

“When situations around us change, we need to change our way of working too. We need to adapt rather than get limited by it. Many antenatal wellbeing programs are available online, so make the most of it to learn more about your pregnancy and stay healthy. Also, in these times one may not have a lot of help with the baby, so prepare yourself for it and use it as an opportunity to form a loving bond with your baby. Remember, doing little things for your baby with great love will mean much more to her/him than getting everything absolutely perfect. Wishing you all the very best! “

Wedding Wishlist offers you the best of the possibilities at your fingertip. Be it choosing online invitations for Baby showers or finding the best baby gift,  Wedding Wishlist has you covered! Not just that they also have an option for customized baby gifts and invites. Head over to the website and plan the most thoughtful surprise to celebrate the arrival of your little one.

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