Top 5 Items That Must Make It to Your Baby Gift Registry!

Having a baby is one of the most joyful experiences of a couple’s life. It’s also one of the most expensive! So if you’re getting ready to welcome your little one into the world, here are some really sensible gift items for your baby gift registry that are not just super useful but good for the wallet and the environment.

Baby Gift Registry
Baby Gift Registry

Let’s see the items that are must for your baby gift registry!

#1. MI 360 Degrees Smart Security Camera

Move aside baby monitors, this camera is here to solve all your worries. It’s a great replacement for your baby monitor with 360 degree views and two way audio. You can see, hear and speak to your baby by connecting the camera to your phone. Also, the super easy installation means you can plug the camera anywhere, anytime. So it’s a great choice to carry with you if you’re going to be on the move. And unlike baby monitors, which can cost you tens of thousands, this one’s super affordable. 

Price: Rs 2,500

360° Smart Security Camera
360° Smart Security Camera

#2. Nuby Tie ‘N’ Toss Diaper Bag Dispenser

We’re not discounting the functionality of a diaper bin to dispose your baby’s smelly diapers. But if you think spending 10k on a dustbin is a bit much, opt for this diaper bag dispenser. It comes with fragranced biodegradable bags that keep the smell away and can be thrown in your regular bin. Also, you can carry them with you anywhere… making it super convenient. A must for your baby gift registry!

Price:  Rs 395

Tie 'N' Toss Diaper Bag Dispenser
Tie ‘N’ Toss Diaper Bag Dispenser

#3. Haakkaa Breast Pump

This completely green alternative to your electric breast pump is a great choice for moms who want to primarily breast feed. The technology helps store the excess milk post feeding, which can then be reused for the baby. It is also made from completely green materials and is great for the environment. While this may not be a replacement for an electric pump, if you have good milk supply, this is a much more eco-friendly and cost-friendly option. 

Price: Rs 1,000

Manual Silicone Breastfeeding Pump
Manual Silicone Breastfeeding Pump

#4. Amazon Water Resistant Dry Sheets

If you’re a first-time mom, the odds are you’ll get a whole list of mats and sheets you need to buy for your baby’s different needs—changing sheet, massage sheet, post-shower sheet. This version from Amazon is the best multi-purpose alternative you can find. With one side in cotton and the other plastic, it prevents leakage and is ideal for all the above occasions. Plus its really easy to clean and reuse and super light on the wallet. Just get a pack of 3 and you’re all set. So add it your baby gift registry now!

Price: Rs. 375 each 

Water Resistant Dry Sheet
Water Resistant Dry Sheet

#5. Bamboo Diapers 

Diaper rashes can be terrible for babies, and these bamboo diapers are the perfect alternative to your regular ones. They are gentler on the skin and the environment. And while they may cost you a tad bit more, if you’re going to be using diapers, why not go for the better choice?

Price: Rs. 690 for 24 

Absorbent Bamboo Fiber Diapers
Absorbent Bamboo Fiber Diapers

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