Why every Parent-To-Be needs a Baby Gift Registry!

Expecting your little bundle of joy soon? We’re sure you can’t wait for the moment you have your baby in your arms. But there are lots that you have to prep for before this big moment, and your baby gift registry is definitely high up on the list! 

Baby gift registry
Baby gift registry

What is a baby gift registry?

A baby gift registry is like a wishlist you create for your baby shower or function, where you pick the gifts you would like to receive. You can add anything you need for your baby here, including gifts, gift cards, cash, and even charity. Your loved ones can buy or contribute to anything on this list without wondering what Gift ideas for new parents and their babies could possibly be. The idea behind it is simple—you get what you want and don’t end up recycling gifts, while your guests have the satisfaction of knowing their gift was loved and cherished. 

Why create a baby gift registry? 

#1. It will save you LOTS (and trust us, that’s a good thing with a baby coming!) 

Your little one may just be pint-sized, but when it comes to the list of things one needs to buy for their arrival, it’s pretty endless. There’s diapering, feeding, bathing, bedding, grooming… basically, a lot of things. On the flip side, your loved ones will want to shower your baby with love, blessings and best Baby gifts. By creating a Baby gift registry, you can ensure that most things on your list are gifted to you, saving you a ton of money. 

#2. You want to bring your baby into a waste-free world 

If you quantified the amount of money spent on wasted baby gifts, the numbers would be staggering. More often than not, well-meaning guests who have no idea about what you need, and up gifting the safe options—clothes, toys, and baby gyms! And given how quickly kids grow out of these, it’s an epic waste. You end up re-gifting these or not using most of the stuff you receive. And if the recent events have taught us anything, it’s the value of conservative consumption. By creating a baby gift registry, you ensure that there is zero waste.

#3. Guests will thank you forever! 

It is NOT easy to buy baby gifts, and every guest attending a baby shower will tell you that. You have no clue what the baby already has, what they need, and what growth cycle they’re in. Picking the perfect gift can be a harrowing task for your guests. By telling them exactly what you want you to make their life super easy. They don’t have to worry about the choice of gift. They can contribute any amount they like, making sure they stick to their budget.  

#4. It’s a safe choice during a pandemic 

With Covid19 wreaking havoc across the country, a lot of your loved ones may not be able to meet you and the baby immediately. Plus, people want to avoid going out shopping or carrying gifts at a time like this. A baby gift registry takes the entire process online and makes it the safest gifting option available. The gifts are delivered to you directly. Even guests who can’t attend the function can send something special for the baby. 

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