5 Unique and Uber Cool Baby Girl Names for Your Little One

As parents, you would always want the best for your child. From the best apparel, gear, food to names. Many people associate the name of the baby with their future or character. Hence, a strong name is indeed very important. Religion and beliefs do play a crucial role in choosing the baby’s name. But with time, millennial parents are opting for more trendy names which have a unique ring to them. As the baby will carry the name for all their life, do pay a great deal of attention. For your little princess, make sure the name you choose is ahead of its time and the best out of all the baby girl names.

Baby girl names
Baby girl names

So to help you out, here is the list of beautiful and meaningful baby girl names:

#1. Damara

Originated from the Greek word ‘Damaris’, Damara means ‘gentle’. 

As every parent wants their child to grow up as a kind and caring person, the name ‘Damara’ is a perfect fit for your little princess.

#2. Amata

The feminine perfect passive participle of Amare (love), Amata is of Latin origin. Amata means loved or beloved. Growing up surrounded by people who love her dearly, the name ‘Amata’ is a good name to remind her. With this name, your little one will always know the love and warmth of her parents.

#3. Zuri

Swahili originated the word, Zuri which means beautiful. The name of an individual stays with them and it becomes their identity, so this name will surely make your baby girl stand out from the rest, everywhere she goes.

#4. Opal

Opal is a gemstone whose name was derived from the Sanskrit word Upala, which means “jewel”. Your little one will become your lifeline, your happiness, and your everything. Bestowing her with a name as precious as her will indeed be the best gift.

#5. Veda

The name, Veda means eternal knowledge and is of Indian origin. The name is associated with the four Vedas that are the most sacred texts of Hinduism. Wish your baby the wisdom and the courage to pursue the path to knowledge with this name.

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