The Tanishq Ad, Baby Shower, and Our Changing World!

If you scrolled through your social feed recently, you could not have missed the mention of Tanishq’s baby shower ad. Depending on your point of view and that of the ones you follow, the opinions could oscillate anywhere from #BoyocottTanishq and #LoveJihad to #United and #WeStandByTanishq. The inter-faith depiction of a woman’s baby shower has led to a debate we’ll bypass in this article. That’s a story for another time. 

Instead, we shift the spotlight to the baby shower, a beautiful celebration of a new life, which got mired in a controversy it has little to do with. And with changing mindsets & progressive views, this special ceremony needs to evolve with the times.

Baby Shower
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So if you’re looking forward to welcoming your bundle of joy soon, here’s how to plan the perfect baby shower. 

#1. The only ceremony that matters is the one that you want! 

If there is one thing that the Tanishq ad has taught us, it’s that when it comes to religious celebrations, people have strong views and they aren’t afraid to share it. However, when planning your shower or baby celebration, it’s best to just close your ears and do what you like. Whether it’s an interfaith ceremony, a traditional one, or even just cocktails and games with your friends—you’re the one having a baby and how you celebrate should be your choice ONLY! 

#2. You’re going to get gifts. Make sure each one is special

It’s your day and all your loved ones are going to get you a gift. Now marry that to the fact that you will need a million little things to welcome your little one home. Doing a baby gift registry is an absolute must for all parents-to-be so no one ends up with a dozen baby gyms and onesies! By creating a baby registry you can add everything you need, from nursery essentials to clothing, diapering, and feeding must-haves in a single wishlist and share with guests. Your guests can buy or contribute towards anything on your list, and the gifts get delivered directly to you. Now could there be a more perfect solution for your baby shower

#3. Don’t stereotype gender 

Girls like pink, boys like blue, in today’s world that is SO NOT true! As we move towards a more progressive mindset, try and leave the boring clichés behind and you’ll realize you have an entire spectrum of gorgeous colors to choose from! Think mint green, lilac, canary yellow, a sharp red… the list goes on. Pick anything you like, just try to think out of the box. 

#4. Keep it real, but also virtual!

Ok, so of course you want every single person you love to be a part of this special occasion, but in today’s pandemic struck the world, that may not be entirely possible. Don’t let that dampen your spirits! Call the ones you can physically and have everyone else be a part of the festivities virtually. With virtual party services becoming a popular offering, hosting your baby shower online has become easy, affordable, and fun for you and your guests. Live stream your celebration, host an online party, and even have gifts and meals delivered to virtual guests with just a click.

#5. If you’re superstitious, so be it. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

As expecting parents, there is so much you feel. The excitement is palpable, but so is the nervousness, as you hope and pray everything goes perfectly. And because of that constant nagging fear, if you want to postpone the celebration to post the baby’s arrival, or keep it restricted to very close family and friends or anything else for that matter, just do it. No one can understand what you’re feeling better than you, and the only voice you need to hear right now is yours. 

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