Baby Shower Themes You Should Try in India

Key Takeaways:

  • Baby shower parties can be extremely fun, but take a lot of meticulous planning in order to make it a memorable event.
  • Doing a themed baby shower is sure to bring the best out of all the guests and leave a lasting impression on everybody.
  • When you select a theme, you need to make sure that everything in the event, right from the invitation designs, the food, and the games that are played are aligned with the theme.
  • The most popular baby shower themes you can try today are: Hollywood Baby Shower Theme, Space Baby Shower Theme, Bee Baby Shower Theme, and even a PJ Party for your baby shower!
  • You can also choose to have a traditional baby shower as well.


The wait for the arrival of a little one is a period of anxiousness and joy. A mother starts building her dreams as the baby keeps growing in the womb. But when a baby is on its way, it’s not just the parents who are excited. The family is equally happy with the upcoming bundle of joy and they start planning showers with a baby shower theme to celebrate the occasion. 

A baby shower is the perfect opportunity for friends and family to come together. Amidst the laughter and mirth, the expectant mother is showered with gifts, love, good wishes and friendly advice before she can embark on the journey of motherhood. Read on to know more about baby showers and the different baby shower themes you can use to in India plan that perfect day.

Hollywood theme party:Baby Shower Themein India

The best part of a baby shower celebration is the memories it helps create. The memories last a lifetime and maybe years later one can look back at the baby shower with glee in their heart. Baby showers can be celebrated any way a mother wants to, but this is also a chance for the best friend of the expecting mother to unleash her creative self. 

And if the mom happens to be in love with Hollywood, look no further than a Hollywood theme party for the baby shower. In this baby shower theme, the options are plenty. From the decoration of the baby shower, to the food, to the baby shower cake toppers you can just unfurl yourself here.

Indian Baby shower invitations for Hollywood Themed Party

Is there any celebration without an invitation? The answer is no. So as a best friend or a family member, before you begin with your planning,  you need to prepare a guest list. As the baby shower is all about making the expectant mother happy and pampered, it is always a good idea to get her opinion before sending out the baby shower invitations. After all, you don’t want to invite somebody she didn’t want to include on her special day and face her wrath. 

baby shower Theme
baby shower Theme

Once that is done, choose the design for the baby shower invitations. If you have chosen Hollywood as your baby shower theme, you can have your invitation like the poster of a Hollywood movie. Can you imagine the glee on the mom-to-be’s face when she sees that the invitations hark back to her favourite movie?

But if you aren’t too sure about her favourite movie, opting for a famous movie like ‘A Star is Born’ is a safe option. Even if you are hosting a virtual baby shower for guests who are unable to come, you can design a digital invitation with the same theme. 

Indian Baby shower decorations for Hollywood themed Party

After the invitations are sent out, you have to choose the baby shower decorations for your Hollywood theme party. Whether you want to go all out or stay subtle depends on the vibe you are looking for: 

  • Big cutouts: With this baby shower theme, you can have cutouts of movie stars, or props with ‘Mom’s day out’ written on them, as an ode to the classic Baby’s Day Out. These cutouts can also serve as the perfect baby shower background for clicking selfies.
  • Box office counter: Placing something like a box-office counter at the entrance with ‘Now Showing’ written across it will also garner laughs from the guests.

Food served at baby shower in India

A party is nothing without its food. The success of a party depends heavily on the food served. For a Hollywood style party, name your food playing on names of famous actors and actresses. 

So introducing Eggs Benedict Cumberbatch as starters and Halle Berry ice cream for dessert!    

StartersEggs benedict Cumberbatch
Main courseKurt Cowbain (Beef steak sandwich)
DessertHalle Berry ice cream 

Indian Baby shower games ideas

Nothing gets a party going than some great baby shower games. Here are some baby shower game ideas you can try out at the baby shower:

  • Dumb charades: After eating and drinking to glory, indulge in some Hollywood  themed dumb charades. Once you start playing this, hilarity will ensue and you can identify the Robert de Niro and the Al Pacinos among your guests based on their acting skills. 
  • Pictionary: Another crowd favourite at a Hollywood themed party. Have a big board and some markers ready for your guests as they bring out their creative best. You can have a bowl of chits with Hollywood movie names written on them and your guests draw one from it.
  • Movie night: You can also play the mom-to-be’s favourite Hollywood movie to end the night. 

Space themed party: Baby Shower Themein India

Having a baby is seriously an out-of-the-world experience. The journey of being a mother begins with conception. The joy and elation that comes with finding out that a family is growing, and that in 9 months the mother will be able to touch a part of her own heart are mixed with emotions of fear and nervousness. 

As the mom-to-be’s best friend, if you are racking your brain thinking about that perfect baby shower theme, a space themed party will be the perfect choice. Because as we said before, having a baby is an out of the world experience!

Indian Baby shower invitations for Space Themed Party

If you have chosen space as your baby shower theme, your design for the invitation can be almost childlike but in a good way. Remember those drawing classes that you took in school? Why not go back there while choosing the design or maybe designing one yourself? The invitation can have the moon and stars painted across a night sky with ‘Shower your blessings’ or ‘Out of this world’ written on it. Or you could also design it like a rocket launch event with a picture of a rocket and have the words, ‘Taking off soon’. In short, you can run wild with ideas for online baby shower invitations for this baby shower theme.  If some of your guests are unable to come and join the party, you can even have provisions to hold a livestream of your event, so that everyone can enjoy the party. 

Baby shower  decorations

How can you have a spaced themed baby shower without going a tad bit overboard with party decorations? 

  • Banner: Put up a banner  behind your gift table that says, ‘Love you to the Moon and Back’ with the moon painted on it. You can have little party props shaped like the sun, moon, planets, meteors and stars. 
  • Baby shower balloons: Take the decorations to the next level with some baby shower balloons. You can also opt for a crescent moon, stars and galaxy inspired balloon garland backdrop. It can provide a perfect baby shower background for the countless pictures that will later serve as the best memories of the day. If you are rummaging through baby shower ideas at home, you can also have baby shower balloons at the entrance of the place where the shower is being held.  The balloons will be a mix of black and blue with stars and moon painted on them keeping in mind the baby shower theme. 
baby shower Theme
baby shower Theme
  • Baby book for guests: You can have a baby book for the guests where they can write good wishes for the would-be-born child. And just for the twist, you can ask them to only write their wishes keeping in line with the theme of the party. Now won’t that be an interesting read later. 

And if you are hosting the baby shower after sundown, you can even get dim lights and glow in the dark stars on the ceiling to accentuate the baby shower theme. 

Food to serve at baby shower in India

For any baby shower theme, one thing that has to be perfect is the food. You don’t want anyone complaining about the food at the party. So as a hostess, it’s always a good idea to choose tried and tested people to cater to the party. Baby showers are laid back celebrations so choose a buffet over a sit-down dinner or lunch.

For a baby shower theme which talks about space, go big on desserts. Have a galaxy inspired cake with glitters in the middle which will flow out once the mom-to-be slices into it. It is sure to draw admiration from the guests and the main person at the party. Apart from this you can have tiny cupcakes with stars, moon and sun as baby shower cupcake toppers too.  

StartersStar shaped finger sandwich
Main courseVegetable and meat pie with star and moon shaped lattices on top
DessertGalaxy inspired cakes with glitters in the middle

Indian Baby shower games ideas

If you have chosen a baby shower theme, make sure you also plan some games and entertainment  keeping the theme in mind. After enjoying a party this is the best way to wind up on a high. 

  • Star gazing: You can help your guests relax by arranging for a projector and having the milky way galaxy projected. You can select from a range of videos on YouTube about the same, or even download a document regarding this. 
  • Onesie painting: If stargazing is not your style, you can also have a onesie painting competition or just sit back and relax while decorating some cupcakes. 

Bee themed baby shower: Baby Shower Theme in India

As kids, who doesn’t remember the Bumble Bee song? ‘I am bringing home a baby bumble bee, won’t my mommy be so proud of me?’ And who doesn’t still dream of those yellow and black striped leggings that were a craze in the yesteryears? 

But all reasons aside, a bee theme is the perfect baby shower theme because who doesn’t love a bright, colourful and fun party in honour of the mom-to-be, or should we say, mom-to-bee?

Indian Baby shower invitations for bee themed party

The best thing about this baby shower theme is that you can use a bright and happy colour like yellow for everything in the party and even the baby shower invitations. With a bright yellow background, you can have pictures of a couple of bees here and there. On it, ‘Come shower your blessing on mother and baby-to-bee’, can be inscribed in black. Also, if you are planning on sending physical invitations to each of your guests, you can add a little bottle of honey along with the invitation to bring a smile to your guests’ faces. And it is a great return gift too.  

Not only that, you can also create a baby website to make the whole planning process easier.  

Baby shower decoration in India

Here are some ideas you can implement to decorate for this baby shower theme without getting too gaudy:

  • Black and yellow balloons: A bee themed shower is not complete without some baby shower balloons. Start by getting a combination of yellow and balck balloons for your balloon garland. If you are hosting a baby shower outdoors, this can be placed at the entrance so that it can couple up as an entry gate. If the party is indoors, place this garland behind the table for gifts. You can also have some floating balloons with pictures of the parents tied to the end of it. 
  • Change up colour scheme: While yellow and black have to be the predominant colours in this baby shower theme, you can also add softer colours like beige and brown to help soften the vibe.  You can add a banner which says ‘Mommy To Bee’ either behind the balloon garland or even on the gift table.  
  • Flower arrangements: You can break the colour scheme with some flower arrangements for baby showers. Add yellow flowers like sunflowers in a hexagonal shaped vase or literally anything that looks remotely like a honeycomb. Add some daisies with the sunflowers to break the monochromatic look. As the decor is in bright hues, it is important to introduce soothing components to the decor like a jar with candles in the midst of it.

Food to serve at baby shower in India

Keeping up with the bee baby shower theme, you can opt for foods that are predominantly yellow. A charcuterie board is always a winner. With different cheeses, cold cut meat, crackers, olives and fruits, this is the best appetizer for your guests. Oh you can also have honey as one of the condiments. 

baby shower Theme
baby shower Theme

For this baby shower theme, as a loving gesture to the mom-to-be, you can bake a lovely and rich honey cake complete with layers. But hey if baking is not your cup of tea, there’s nothing to worry about. You can have a honey crumb or honeycomb dessert. For mains you can plan for a honey glazed chicken or pork and some citrus and honey dressed salad to complement it beautifully. And not to forget, some cold honey and citrus fizz mocktail to wash it all down. 

StartersCharcuterie cheese and meat board
Main courseHoney glazed chicken and salad with a citrus and honey vinaigrette 
DessertRich honey cake

Indian Baby shower games ideas

Baby Shower Themes
Baby Shower Themes

For the games and entertainment part of this bee themed baby shower, let us look at some DIY baby shower games. 

  • Name products without touching: Get hold of a hexagonal box that is shaped like a honeycomb and fill it with baby products like diapers, bottles, onesies etc and throw in some curveballs too. Have your guest identify each product without touching them. The person who can identify the most product wins. And yes the mom-to-be can take all the baby products with her. 
  • Bingo: The other popular game you can plan is a Bingo but for this baby shower theme, you can call it Beengo! 

Traditional Indian Baby shower: Baby Shower Theme in India

As a baby shower theme, an Indian, a traditional baby shower is always the go-to. After all we Indians never let a cause for celebration go. We always look forward to having a great time in the company of our family and friends. And what better reason for celebration than the impending arrival of a new addition to this world. As we know, India is a diverse country and each region boasts of their rich culture and rituals for baby showers. 

You might call it a Godh Bharai if you are in the North, or a Sadh in Bengal, Seemandham in Kerala or Valakappu in Tamil Nadu. But the plot of the story from every nook and corner of the country is the same. An auspicious celebration by the near and dear ones who come together to bless the expectant mother and the unborn child and shower her with gifts. Like we discussed in Chapter 1, when you are hosting a shower with most baby shower themes, there are no hard and fast rules about when you can plan the event. But when it comes to the traditional Indian baby shower theme, there is a date and time for it according to the holy books. 

The traditional baby shower usually held in the 7th month of pregnancy because beyond that the mother might need more rest. So how do you arrange for an Indian baby shower? 

Indian Baby shower invitations for Traditional baby showers

For an invitation for an Indian baby shower, it is best to go all out traditional keeping in mind the theme. Look up ideas for beautifully designed digital and print baby invitations and tweak them to suit your needs. Also for a traditional baby shower invite, ask the mom-to-be to give you a list of everyone you should invite. Since this isn’t just a casual affair, remember that the invitations have been worded a little formally and have to be addressed from the grandparents of the unborn child. 

Baby shower decoration for traditional baby showers

The baby shower decoration depends on the rituals and culture of the region in India. But there are some things which stay the same no matter where you hail from. But if you are still not too sure about how to decorate for a traditional baby shower theme, there are plenty of baby shower decoration packages around that you can look up and choose from. Also they do all the heavy lifting and you just have to direct them. But if you want to plan the decoration yourself here are some ideas. 

  • Have a tent outdoors: First, you need to decide if you want to host the party indoors or outside. If it is outdoors, make sure to check the weather forecast. You don’t want showers to ruin an auspicious day. But to prevent that, you can also plan to pitch in a tent but remember to check if it has adequate ventilation. If the party is indoors, you don’t need to worry about rain or hail.
  • Flower background: Instead of baby shower balloons, a traditional baby shower ceremony should be adorned with flowers. Indian marigolds will serve as the perfect baby shower flowers. You can string them and put them up on the walls, or have them decorated on the floor. Also there is usually a puja held in a traditional baby shower, so make sure you know what to arrange for the puja. And if you aren’t aware, don’t hesitate to take the help of an elder in the family.
  • Light diyas: The arrival of a new baby lights up the lives of so many. So there’s no celebration without lights in a traditional baby shower theme. Diyas are not only pretty, but are also auspicious. So brighten up the space with diyas and if you are worried about a fire hazard, you can also switch to artificial light shaped as diyas, maybe no one will notice?
  • The only downside of a traditional baby shower is that you have to be aware of every ritual and other technicalities. If you feel that it is becoming too much for you, you can always choose from a plethora of baby shower package deals near you. 

Suggested graphic: Picture of a traditional baby shower with the mom-to-be sitting for the puja

Indian Food served at a traditional baby shower

If you are hosting a traditional baby shower, it’s best if you stick to an elegant thali from your region. Be sure to look up the best caterers in your area who serve authentic, tasty and delicious traditional food. Read reviews from other customers because then you have a clearer picture of what to expect. You will also know which dishes have garnered fans and if there’s something you need to avoid.

Indian Baby shower games ideas

When friends and family come together to celebrate the coming of a baby, it is already a happy and joyous occasion. But just to take the whole party up a notch and help make some more memories, plan some fun games. 

  • Charades: While picking the games, make sure everyone can feel a part of it. From the elder grandmothers, mothers and aunts to the younger sisters, make everyone feel included.In a traditional baby shower theme, there will be men in the family included in the party, so keep that in mind while planning what games to play. You can start off with a game of charades. Divide your guests into two groups and have one from each team select a Bollywood movie and enact it to the other group. 
  • Advice bowl: Also a baby shower may be the perfect time a expectant mother can get advice from people who have already been in the motherhood journey. So plan a game where each guest writes an advice and puts it in a bowl. The parents-to-be can pick from them and read it out loud. 

PJ Party: Baby Shower Theme in India

At the end of the day, a baby shower party is nothing but a day when the mother-to-be gets to celebrate her happiness with others, get pampered and make memories that last a lifetime. So what is the baby shower theme that ticks all the points? Yes you guessed it right, a laid back pajama party.  What better way to celebrate than wearing the most comfortable clothes, getting spoiled for the day and eating junk? Nothing else comes close.

During the teenage years the best parties were always the slumber parties. Huddling together, watching the favourite rom com flick with that good looking hero and staying up talking late into the night. It was almost a tradition and rite of passage growing up. Well as adults, when your best friend is having a baby, it is only right that you bring back the days of slumber parties but a grown up version.

Baby shower invitations

A pajama party doesn’t necessarily have to be a sleepover, especially because the expecting mother would require a good night’s sleep. But if she wants one, have a go at it. You can create a virtual invitation and opt for a pink background with ‘Let’s turn back the clock written’ across it as an ode to the days gone by. Also remember to let the guests know that they need to change into their customised pajamas once they come to the venue.

Baby shower decoration

If you have chosen a pajama party as your baby shower theme, it doesn’t mean you needn’t bother about baby shower decoration. 

  • Matching pajamas: For starters, order matching pajamas for all your girlfriends and guests. If you can make it customised, it will be even better. Also, they will be a nice souvenir to remember the day by. Not just pajamas, order eye masks and comfy slippers for everyone at the party. 
  • Quirky balloons: For the baby shower decoration, bring in some funny and quirky balloons. You can also glam it up with some baby shower flowers which will only add to the beauty of the decoration. 
  • Pamper yourself and mom-to-be: Book a salon treatment for the mom-to-be and the other guests. So make sure the venue has enough space for that. Strike up a deal with a local salon for manicures and pedicures and maybe something extra special to pamper the expecting mother. 

Food to be served at baby shower in India

When it comes to a pajama party as a baby shower theme, pizzas and mocktails are a must. Order pizzas with whatever toppings your heart desires and look up good recipes for mocktails. Also keep a lot of different flavoured chips handy because you would need that to munch on while getting pampered. For this baby shower theme, it is advisable that you keep the menu to finger foods like sandwiches, quiches and definitely pizza.

StarterFrench fries and onion rings
Main course Pizza with toppings of your choice
DessertBrownie and ice cream

baby shower Theme
baby shower Theme

Baby shower games ideas

No pajama party can reach its zenith without watching movies together, preferably while eating. You can have a vote and choose which movie you want to watch. Or you can leave it to the guest of honour, the mother-to-be. If you are looking to plan some other games, try fun pictionary or charades. 

A little history about baby showers 

The showers we see today, which rely heavily on different baby shower themes, are a relatively new invention. But that does not mean expectant parents weren’t showered with gifts and blessings in the past.  A baby has always been a source of joy and celebration and if we rummage through history, we can see how celebration and rituals surrounding an impending childbirth were always there.

So what is the history of baby showers? Ancient Greeks and Egyptians offered gifts and food to God, asked for blessings for the expecting mother and prayed for the baby’s health. During the Renaissance period, mothers were showered with lavish gifts but the modern baby shower was shaped only during the Victorian age in England when the only baby shower theme was tea parties that included games and lots of gifts for both the mother and baby. But since child mortality rates at birth were high during this time, baby showers took place only after the baby was born. Also most Victorian women kept their pregnancies a secret as it was the cultural etiquette during that

In America, baby showers came into being after the second World War during the Baby Boom generation when the shower was seen as an opportunity to help the expecting parents financially because of the economic hardship caused by war.   

If we take a look at the background of baby showers in India, we see that the rituals have roots in the vedic ages. The mother is showered with dry fruits, sweets and other gifts while the family comes together to offer prayers to god for the well being and safety of the mother and child.

When is it the right time to hold a baby shower?

Baby showers are usually held 4-6 weeks before the baby is due but again there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to celebration, right? A baby shower is the first big celebration for the baby. So it doesn’t matter when you have it, who hosts it or what baby shower theme you are planning for as long as it’s a day the family can look back on years later with a smile on their faces. 

While you can celebrate a baby shower soon after finding out that you are pregnant, most parents usually keep baby shower celebrations for later during their pregnancy because of fears of miscarraige and other complications. This is also helpful because as you progress with planning for your baby, you will have a checklist with all things you need and that will help you curate your baby shower registry.  

Who should plan and host the baby shower?

A baby shower is a day for the mother to relax, put her feet up before she delves into long and sleep deprived nights after the baby’s arrival. So from choosing baby shower themes, to picking the baby shower decorations, ordering the baby shower balloons and deciding on what food to serve, it is usually the job of the mom-to-be’s closest friends and family. But if the mother-to-be doesn’t have any friends or close family who can plan a baby shower for her, it’s perfectly acceptable for her to approach any friend or even her partner to ask them to host a shower. Hey, she is doing all the hard work and she deserves to be spoiled silly even for a day. 

baby shower Theme
baby shower Theme

Indian Baby shower gift registry

Gift box free icon

No matter what baby shower theme you choose for your party, the one thing that is an absolute constant is gifts. Baby shower means a lot of gifts brought by guests. As the global pandemic has changed the way we celebrate, baby showers too have become virtual. But gifts for the mother-to-be and the baby have remained constants. So how to make sure that the gifts received at the baby shower are exactly what is needed? The answer to that is a baby shower gift registry.  It is the perfect solution to ensure the mom-to-be isn’t laden with unwanted gifts.  Also, while waiting for the arrival of the little one is exciting, it also means a never-ending list of things you need to buy. No matter what the theme of the baby shower is, setting up a baby shower gift registry will help the guests understand what you actually need. 

What is a gift registry:

A gift registry is basically a curation of different gifts mainly from different online shops that the mother would like to receive at her baby shower. The guests can buy gifts for the baby from the registry and thus there will be no redundant gift at the end of the day.

The mom-to-be can also use the gift registry as a to-buy list to keep a track of what she wants to buy, what needs to be bought and what has already been bought.

Best gifts for baby in India

Motherhood is a journey and you learn along the way. As a first time mother not many would know what to buy for the baby. Taking help from someone who has children always helps. Apart from that, here is a list of essentials that can be added to the baby shower registry:  

  • Baby bassinet
  • Baby swaddle clothes
  • Breast pump kit box
  • Babycare products
  • Baby bottle box
  • Baby carriers
  • Memory book
  • Pacifiers
  • Diaper pack
  • Diaper bag
  • Portable baby bed

Best gifts for mom at a baby shower in India

While everyone is busy in the preparation of the newborn, often we forget about the mom. Bringing a new life in the world is no joke and so the mom-to-be needs to be appreciated and recognised. Here are some of the best gifts for mom to add to the baby shower gift registry:

  • Pregnancy pillow
  • Sonogram frame
  • Spa gift box
  • Compression socks
  • Bath bombs
  • Pregnancy journal

A baby gift registry is the perfect way to let  your guests know what you need and want. If you have planned a virtual baby shower, the event can be livestreamed and you will still have everyone join in from all over the world and have fun. But how to plan a baby shower if there is a physical celebration? Read on to know more about baby shower themes that will be a huge success, food you can serve, the way you can decorate your venue and so on. 

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In Conclusion

The arrival of a little one in the family is a time for joy and baby shower themes only adds to the fun. As the mom-to-be’s friend or close family, if you are hosting the party, just make sure you are able to help the expecting mother create memories for life.To know more about hosting baby showers and more, visit Wedding Wishlist.

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