3 Bachelor Party Destinations

Private villas at Bali, largest stag parties in the world to happening island nightlife, the millennials are definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to ticking off that perfect Bachelor party. So here our favourite 3 International Bachelor Party Destinations to get you started the next time your friend announces the big day! And yes, we are ditching Vegas and Bangkok for just a second.


Yes, Bali is not your one-stop honeymoon destination, the country actually gives room for some of the most thriving parties. Though renting a spacious villa for yourself might just happen anywhere closer home, there is more than just one reason why we love Bali. Their bungalows are not only located by the beach but are also extremely affordable. You could actually rent yourself a villa starting at INR 30,000. Steal deal it is!


Sri Lanka

If you thought Goa was the cheapest beach party destination, think again! Here is an international spot that will give Goa major competition. We say ditch the monotonous Bachelorette parties by the west coast and head to the Indian Ocean shores instead. With towns like Hikkaduwa, all your Bachelor party needs can be fulfilled in one hippie place.


Here you could motorbike to the beach from your private villas and go party hopping to places like The Top Secret Bar, Mambo’s, Funky De Bar and many more. We suggest you make the most of Hikkaduwa’s sunset cocktail happy hours and party all day, all night on the tropical shores. And don’t worry about weekdays or weekends, every day is a party in Srilanka’s pristine Islands. Yes, no more Monday blues!

Don’t forget to get the bride to be and the groom some Arak, a gem of a local drink.

Czech Republic

Your search for the Euro Bachelorette/Bachelor party ends here. For all you bridesmaids and best men, Czech Republic is got to be on the top of your list for an experience like never before. The country is known to host one of the largest stag parties in the world.


When in central Europe, Prague is the place to be. Why? With Beer starting at $2 and bars at every block, don’t think the boys will want anything more. Not only that, with the best artists like Tiesto and One Republic playing in clubs like Sasazu, that one last single girls night is sure to be one hell of a rave session.

So, next time the bride is confused about her bachelorette you know what to say and where to head.



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