Benefits of Using Digital Wedding Invites

It seems like only now, as lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted, that businesses are slowly coming back to life. However, one business that always stayed healthy is that of Digital Wedding Invitations. These days, it is way more popular to receive invites through WhatsApp or email, rather than receiving physical invitations. But why is this so? At first glance, digital invites might seem like a lower-quality alternative forced onto us by COVID. It’s a misconception that can be easily cleared once you realise all the benefits of using Digital Invites. Read on and find out for yourself!

Digital Wedding Invites
Digital Wedding Invites

#1 Convenience and Safety

Needless to say, it is much more convenient to order invites online from the comfort of your home instead of going to a store. You could even create an invite from the comfort of your home. Since there would be no physical contact required, you know you’re staying safe while also making your job much more easier .

#2 Cost

Printing out copies and hand delivering them to all your guests may sound straightforward. On the other hand, actually going to each house and inviting people involves a lot of planning, effort and coordination with your guests. All it takes is a minor printing error and suddenly your day’s plan is turned upside down. With Digital Wedding Invites, none of these problems even exist. Since any mistakes can be corrected on the spot, there are no printing charges, and you’ll never need to spend an entire day delivering invites. Of course, you always have the option to print and hand deliver them, making electronic wedding invitations extremely versatile.

#3 Customizability

An underrated aspect of digital marriage invitation card is that you can customise nearly everything about your invites, unlike in a physical store where a designer may not be present to accommodate your preferences. You can create some really memorable invitations without being constrained by the templates provided. Some websites even allow you to add music or create a video invite, making the possibilities nearly endless. 

#4 Tracking RSVPs

With digital invitation card for indian wedding, it becomes so much easier to keep track of how many of your guests have responded to your invitations. Not only that, you can even see which of your would-be guests have opened their invitations. You could also see their replies immediately. You’ll find planning your event becomes much less stressful with such a simplified way to connect with your guests. 

#5 Eco-Friendliness

This is one area where printed invites can’t even hold a candle to digital invites. No matter how beautiful a printed invite is, eventually it will have to be disposed of. Not only would there be a lot of waste produced, but the number of trees cut down to make the paper also has its own impact on the environment. With digital wedding invites, you can wow your guests without compromising on quality or the environment. You can even store the invite for as long as you’d like, without any worry of its quality degrading.

Having a wedding involves much more work than just wearing good clothes and turning up on the day, as anyone who is trying to plan their wedding will soon realise. This makes it much more important to save time and effort wherever possible, as long as you are not compromising on quality. For the reasons listed above, digital wedding invitations will help you majorly, freeing your time, adding to your wedding’s wow factor and saving the environment in the process as well.

If you’re curious to see what a digital invite would look like, check out these digital wedding invites,

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