Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 for an Auspicious and Joyous Occasion

If you are Bengali or want to have your wedding in a manner that inculcates Bengali wedding rituals, it goes without saying that you should look at the auspicious dates and finalise it. And the Bengali calendar will help you plan your final dates accordingly.

Known for its simplicity and elegance, a Bengali marriage ceremony is a wonderful way to acknowledge your commitment to your significant other. These Bengali marriage dates in 2022 would be ideal for you to prepare for the magnificent wedding that you have always desired.

The Bengali Panjika 2022 marriage dates and times include every season making it easier to accommodate any personal dates you might want to keep in mind while planning your ceremony.

Our list of 2022 Bengali marriage dates can assist you in further planning your pre-wedding, wedding, and post-wedding festivities.

1. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – January

Many people wish for a January wedding. Winter weddings are beautiful and exquisite, the nip in the air adds a touch of magic to your special day. There are only a few Bengali marriage dates available in January 2022, and you can select from these dates to host the most important day of your life.

22nd Jan 2022Saturday
24th Jan 2022Monday 

2. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – February

Who wouldn’t want to host a beautiful wedding in the most pleasant weather? If you desire an outdoor wedding in any area of India, February is one of the finest months to get married. The beautiful weather, a touch chilly but ideal for a wedding, will make your February event everlasting even for your guests. These February 2022 Bengali marriage dates are considered especially auspicious.

February 2022

5th February 2022

7th February 2022

16th February 2022

18th February 2022

19th February 2022

20th February 2022

25th February 2022

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3. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – March

March ushers in the spring, birds are chirping and flowers are in full bloom. What better time to include the outdoors in your ceremony than March? All of these days are suitable for hosting your wedding, according to the available marriage dates in 2022 Bengali calendar.

3rd March 2022
4th March 2022Friday
5th March 2022Saturday
6th March 2022Sunday 
10th March 2022Thursday 

4. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – April

A wedding in April is a dream come true. By holding your wedding on one of these April dates, you’re bound to add a lot of charm to your summer wedding. There are a few Bengali marriage dates in April 2022 that you can choose from to host your special moment.

17th April 2022           Sunday
19th April 2022Tuesday
21st April 2022Thursday
22nd April 2022Friday
23rd April 2022Saturday
28th April 2022Thursday 

5. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – May

The month of May is one of the most popular choices for hosting a wedding in India. This month has seen a slew of beautiful weddings, owing to the popularity of summer nuptials. According to the Bengali calendar, we have found some excellent Bengali marriage dates in 2022.

2nd May 2022Monday
3rd May 2022Tuesday
9th May 2022Monday
10th May 2022Tuesday
11th May 2022Wednesday
12th May 2022Thursday
13th May 2022Friday
17th May 2022Tuesday
18th May 2022Wednesday
20th May 2022Friday
25th May 2022Wednesday
26th May 2022Thursday
31st May 2022Tuesday

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6.  Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – June

Monsoon weddings bring romance and passion to mind. These Bengali marriage dates in June are bound to accommodate a spellbinding wedding and create the most memorable day for you and your significant other. You can plan your auspicious day according to the following marriage dates in 2022 Bengali calendar.

6th June 2022Monday
8th June 2022Wednesday
11th June 2022Saturday
12th June 2022Sunday
13th June 2022Monday
14th June 2022Tuesday
15th June 2022Wednesday
16th June 2022Thursday
21st June 2022Tuesday
22nd June 2022Wednesday

7. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022 – July

As the monsoon season is intense this time of the year, a July wedding is unquestionably a rare affair. If you plan a July wedding, it’s bound to be remembered fondly by your guests for years to come. According to the Bengali calendar, the official wedding season ends this month, but it resumes in November.

3rd July 2022Sunday
5th July 2022Tuesday
6th July 2022Wednesday
8th July 2022Friday

8. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022- November

A great wedding can only take place if you host it during a period of time that holds significance for you. It makes your ceremony an extra special occasion for both you and your guests. A wedding in November helps to carry on the festive atmosphere from Dussehra and Diwali and is sure to mark joy. Consider these marriage dates in 2022 Bengali calendar for an extra festive occasion.

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19th November 2022Saturday
20th November 2022Sunday
21st November 2022Monday
24th November 2022Thursday
25th November 2022Friday
27th November 2022Sunday

9. Bengali Marriage Dates in 2022- December

A December wedding is a fantastic way to usher in the new year. You’re making a commitment of love during a period known for new beginnings! It’s also a great opportunity to get all your family and friends together as most people are granted leaves during this month. Consider these Bengali wedding dates in December 2022 for a merry occasion.

2nd December 2022Friday
7th December 2022Wednesday
8th December 2022Thursday
9th December 2022Friday
14th December 2022Wednesday

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There you have it! These are the ideal 2022 Bengali marriage dates. We hope you found this list of dates helpful and get to celebrate with a heart full of love for your close ones on your joyous day. If you’d want to be extra careful in these times and call it online, reach out to Wedding Wishlist for a memorable virtual experience.

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