20 Best Digital Wedding Invitation Designs for 2021

Digital wedding invitations

Best Digital Wedding Invitation Designs for 2019

Digital wedding invitations are replacing invitation cards at a fast pace. They are becoming an acceptable form of invitation with the young generation that’s determined to opt for sustainable alternatives. Digital wedding invitations are not only eco-friendly but they also cost less than the printed ones. Thousands of gorgeous templates are available online to help couples create their own digital wedding invitation.

Here are a few samples of digital wedding invitations that will make you ditch the printed cards –

#1 Chatbot

Robots may or may not take over the world but they sure are taking the wedding invitation industry to another level. Check out this chatbot invitation that answers all your wedding-related queries. You can get your own personalised chatbot wedding invitation for your guests.

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#2 Illustrations

Digital illustrations add a personal touch to the wedding invitation. Make sure to communicate your ideas to the illustrator and give a detailed brief. Illustrations are fun, playful and you can always frame one for your room.

#3 GIF

Fairy lights, lace and a rustic background together can never fail. The twinkling fairy lights add charm to this digital wedding invitation and make it come alive.


You can also opt for different digital wedding invitation designs in a GIF format. We absolutely adore these animated lotus strands.

digital wedding invitation design

#4 Navy and Floral

How gorgeous is this digital wedding invitation design? The navy blue background with floral motifs make the design look wonderful. It not only looks beautiful but it can also be printed and the design can be used for a wedding card.


#5 Movie Poster

If you are crazy about movies, recreate your favourite movie poster to announce your wedding dates. From Mr. and Mrs. Smith to Tanu Weds Manu Returns, you can choose any movie and poster of your choice. You can incorporate the famous movie dialogues in the text if applicable.


You can use your monograms and create a wedding logo just like Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas. Unveil your logo through a digital wedding invitation. Wedding logos are unique and will remain in your memories forever.

#7 Lotus Pond

 They say that less is more and this amazing digital wedding invitation design proves it. It is the perfect blend of traditional and classy designs. The simplicity of lotus and Swastik in white and gold is marvellous.

wedding invitation designs

#8 Love Story

Every love story is beautiful and deserves to be told. Tell your love story through your digital wedding invitation design and make your guests a part of your journey. There are different ways of incorporating your love story in the wedding invitation. Choose what goes with the overall theme of the wedding.


#9 A Web of Dreams

This digital wedding invitation inspired by Moroccan jaal motif is pretty and elegant. Mint and pink is a classic colour combination and makes it extremely pleasant to look at.

digital wedding invitation designs

#10 Petstagram

 If you are fortunate enough to be loved by an animal, you must plan a photo shoot with your pet. Nothing is cuter than a wedding announcement by our furry friends. You can use them as e-invites as well as printed wedding invitations.

#11 Map

Love has no boundaries and nor does creativity. For the couples who have come a long way for their love, this map invitation is perfect. You can also use the map in case you plan to have a destination wedding.


#12 Animated Wedding Cards

Add animation and music to your wedding card design and use it as a digital invitation. This will transform your wedding card design and will go with the overall theme of the wedding.

#13 Snakes and Ladders

They say that life is a game and love is the prize. This snakes and ladders theme wedding invitation epitomises the saying. It has to be the coolest digital wedding invitation design of the year. A fun way of announcing the wedding and inviting your guests.


#14 Playing Cards

This quirky digital wedding invitation idea is absolutely amazing. It’s funny and cute at the same time. The simplicity of the idea is what makes it so brilliant.

#15 Cinematic Wedding Invitation

This cinematic digital wedding invitation with personalised details is incredible. The couple has smartly incorporated details from their personal lives in the wedding card. The old world meets the modern and adds a different charm to this invitation.

Cinematic Wedding Invitation

#16 Black and White

When in doubt, go for black and white. You can never go wrong with this classic colour combination. It looks beautiful and magnificent. You can use your own pictures for your digital wedding invitation and personalise it. Make sure you opt for stylish fonts as they will surely make your invitation stand out.

#17 Save the Date Photoshoot

Incorporate a save-the-date photoshoot in your pre-wedding shoot and use the pictures as a digital wedding invitation. You can keep the photo shoot simple or go funky. Look at the pictures on Pinterest for inspiration or you can ask your photographer for suggestions.


#18 Starry Night

There are very few things in this world as beautiful as a sky full of stars. Inspired by the gorgeous night sky, this wedding card has romance written all over it. Simple, modern and stunning, it is a perfect invitation for the most romantic night of your life.

wedding invitation designs

#19 Animated caricatures

If your style is quirky and fun, opt for personalised and animated caricatures in your digital wedding invitation. You can choose a fun pose or action for your caricatures. Keep it colourful and you can use them for all your wedding stationery.


#20 Floral Design

You can never go wrong with pastel floral designs. This beautiful and animated digital wedding invitation is inspired by roses. Pink roses set against a white backgrounds look pretty and graceful.

wedding invitation designs

Ditch the printed invitation card and go paperless this wedding season. If you have an imagination, there’s no limit to how creative you can get with your digital wedding invitation design. You can now customise your own digital wedding invitation on Wedding Wishlist.


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