11 Best Travel Wedding Gifts For Couples

With travel taking the prime spot on pretty much every millennial’s wishlist, we’ve compiled a list of the best travel wedding gifts for 2019! They’re smart, they’re useful and they come in all budgets! Read on to simplify your wedding gifting woes, and you can thank us later!

Here’s the 11 best travel wedding gift ideas for the year ahead!

#1 A Scratch Map

Yes, we’re all done with our Geography classes from school days, but these maps have nothing to do with latitudes and longitudes. In fact they’re the ultimate wedding gift for a couple that loves to travel. Scratch maps allow it’s user to scratch out countries into different colours as they travel, keeping it a real time reflection of where in the world they’ve been to. A couple embarking on a new journey can colour their map over the years together, and remember your gift all throughout.

#2 Customised Luggage

Wherever one travels, their luggage travels with them. As your most trusted and precious travel companion, customized luggage can be a lovely travel wedding gift for any couple. From an entire luggage set to a stroller or even a duffle bag, you can choose one that fits your budget. They’re all likely to be equally used and loved!

#3 A Pair of Neck Pillows

The only bad thing about travel is the amount of time you have to spend on the road (or air). Long hours can be exhausting and take a toll on one’s muscles. Gift the couple a little bit of comfort with a cute couple’s neck pillow set. Opt for one with micro beads and a soft fabric for a travel wedding gift that’s truly memorable.

#4 Leather Jacket for him

Opt for plush and classic leather travel accessories for a gift that’s bound to be cherished. From a his-and-her passport holder to customized luggage tags with a cheeky message, the list of options in this category are endless. You can opt for a customized gift box for the couple with a travel kit, passport holder, luggage tag and cord organizer. When embossed with the couple’s initials, this gift will instantly go into the ‘best gift ever’ category. We promise!

#5 Travel Lenses

The smart phone may have very well killed the big cameras that people lugged around on holidays, but there’s always a way of making the phone camera a tad bit cooler. For a couple that enjoys photography, nothing would be a better gift than a portable lens kit for smart phones. From high zoom lenses to those that blur, add effects and have a wide angle, there is a whole plethora to choose from. And trust us, this is an excellent choice for couples who love to Instagram. With barely any weight and a compact size, they’d make for a great travel companion.

#6 Travel Gift Card

Yes, it may sound a bit insipid in comparison to all the fun gifts you could be getting the couple on their wedding. But when it comes to actual usability, this one pretty much tops the list. With most bookings happening online now, a gift card from a mainstream travel company like Make My Trip, Cleartrip or Air Bnb would be well appreciated by the couple. They can use it towards their honeymoon or keep it aside for a special getaway later in the year.

#7 Vintage Travel Prints

While most travel wedding gifts go around the globe with the couple, here’s one that will stay right in their home. Get them a collection of vintage travel prints—be it skylines of big cities or street art from the cobbled streets of Europe. The choices are endless. If you’re feeling crafty, you could even go online and find images of places they love or have visited and get them framed in a fun and quirky manner.

#8 A Travel Journal

If you’re looking to give the couple something that truly has a memory and emotional value, gift them a pair of beautifully handcrafted travel journals. As two people embarking on a new life together, this will be a wonderful travel companion where they can write their memories, store small memorabilia and hopefully, fill it up with memories they create together.

#9 Travel Tech Pack

In a world that’s increasingly becoming ‘plugged in’, the number of gadgets and accessories one needs when travelling is becoming unimaginable. From global adaptors to headphones, memory cards to charging cables, power banks to connectors, the list is just never ending! Get the couple a cute tech pack that allows them to store all their essential cables, chargers and gadgets in one safe place. It’s organized, it’s good looking and it’s pretty much a gift no one else will get! Now that’s what you call a total winner.

#10 Travel-sized Everything!

If you have enough time, patience and love for the couple getting married, create a DIY hamper of all their favourites/essentials in travel sizes. From a foldable tooth brush and tiny moisturizer to a box of Cadbusy minis and a miniature of their favourite drinks, think of all the things they love, get them in travel-friendly sizes and pack them together. The gift has the perfect personal touch for it to be among the couple’s favourite.

#11 Polaroid Camera

This is a great gift to bring back some vintage fun to new-age travellers. With cellphone cameras taking over the world of travellers, gift the couple something completely old-school like a poloroid camera. A pair of newlyweds have a lot of memories to create and you can be assured this travel wedding gift will make it to their packing list when they leave for their honeymoon. It will be a steady companion to them for many trips they take together.

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