20 Best Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi

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Top Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists in Delhi

There are numerous bridal makeup artists but how do you choose the perfect one for your special day? Every bride knows how important it is to have an amazing makeup artist because your dreams depend on them! They have to be chic and exceptional with their work and most importantly understand your style. We know the struggle is real which is why we have listed below the top 20 bridal makeup artists in Delhi.

#1 Poonam Rawat

A professional bridal makeup artist in Delhi with over 6 years of experience! Poonam is a name that is familiar to every bride to be and a must on their wedding list. She understands what the bride wants and how she wants to look on her day. If you are looking for a subtle but classy look then she is the one.

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#2 Chandni Singh

Chandni Singh is a bridal makeup artist in Delhi who stays away from the cliched bridal beauty idea. She likes to create looks for the brides that will bring out their personality and make them look elegant. She loves to emphasize the eye makeup because we all know that eyes can tell great stories and for sure make you fall in love with the bride.

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#3 Anu Kaushik

Effortlessly beautiful is Anu Kaushik’s style. A bridal makeup artist in Delhi whose specialty is minimalistic yet glamorous look. With a guarantee, one can say that you will fall in love with her makeup style.

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#4 Komal Gulati

Komal Gulati is one of the best bridal makeup artist one can find in Delhi. She has a way with makeup and will make you look absolutely stunning. She finds methods and has techniques to make your makeup stand out and also match your outfit perfectly. Now, doesn’t this sound lovely?

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#5 Shreya Bhandari

Shreya is a makeup artist who has worked with many couples creating the perfect look for them. Shreya specializes in natural makeup styles, she believes the best makeup is what enhances your natural beauty and not covers it. She is known for her pre-bridal and bridal makeup in the city and around. A bridal makeup artist in Delhi like her is hard to find, so if you like her then reach out to her soon!

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#6 Pooja Sethi

Not an ordinary bride? Well, Pooja Sethi isn’t an ordinary bridal makeup artist in Delhi. She is passionate about makeup and loves to play with colour creating something unique and pretty. She is not like a conventional makeup artist, so if you want something different and that will strike in the minds of everyone making it unforgettable (in a good way); reach out to her!

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#7 Naina Arora

Naina is a professionally trained airbrush makeup artist in Germany. Using this technique she is able to give brides a completely flawless and glowing look. Your bridal shoot will look phenomenal with the makeup that Naina applies. If you are loving the idea of this, then you should meet up with her and discuss your wedding day look. We bet you will be thrilled with this bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

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#8 Michelle Montes

Weddings are all about colours, glitter, and happiness. Michelle Montes will reflect all of this on your bridal makeup. She is a bridal makeup artist in Delhi who is known for her classy, contemporary, and glam looks.

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#9 Shalini Singh

Shalini Singh makes the bride look radiant and full of life on their wedding day. She is a bridal makeup artist in Delhi whose work brings joy to the faces of the bride. Her belief is that less is more and if you are on the same wavelength as her then you know you have found your wedding makeup artist. It is important to have your makeup artist be on the same level as you, that way you worry free of how you will look.

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#10 Ambika Pillai

Ambika Pillai is a known bridal makeup artist in Delhi, she has worked with many brides and created perfect looks for them on their wedding day. Having knowledge of the makeup and Bollywood industry, Ambika makes sure that the bride has impeccable makeup.

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#11 Shruti Sharma

Shruti Sharma is passionate about makeup and skincare and offers the best service to brides. Every bride she has worked with sing praises of her incredible work. So if you are searching for the most loved and an all-time favourite bridal makeup artist in Delhi; you have found her.

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#12 Tejasvini Chander

A wedding is an occasion where every moment is captured, in that the bride has to look incredible. Tejasvini works towards creating clean and elegant makeup where the bride glows. She makes their inner beauty shine and makes them feel like princesses. If this isn’t a great bridal makeup artist in Delhi, then who is?

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#13 Guru Makeup Artist

Guru is more than familiar with makeup and has worked for many fashion shows. His knowledge of makeup is reflected on the faces of brides. Every bride is different and therefore his makeup application and look varies but it always brings out the best in them. One thing that stays constant is that the bride looks beautiful at all times and that is what we need from a bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

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#14 Sakshi Sagar

Sakshi Sagar is a qualified and professional bridal makeup artist in Delhi. She goes for soft, elegant and precise makeup looks for the brides. She is a bridal makeup artist in Delhi who asks the opinions of the bride while applying their makeup to see if they are liking it too.

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#15 Avantika Kapur

The most sought after bridal makeup artist in Delhi is Avantika Kapur. She applies corrective makeup and has a flawless technique that the bride will look extremely gorgeous. She highlights your best facial features and transforms you to look royal.

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#16 Meenakshi Dutt Makeovers

Meenakshi Dutt is known for creating unique bridal makeup looks for the bride’s day. She has a great understanding of how much makeup needs to be applied and what facial features need to be highlighted.

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#17 Jasmeet Kapany

She accentuates and highlights your facial features to make you look like the bride of your dreams. She is one step ahead with the trends and is open to trying a new look. Simple yet stunning is how brides describe Jasmeet’s process of applying makeup. If this sounds like something that you are in search for, then give Jasmeet a call! She is the best of the best bridal makeup artist in Delhi.

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#18 Rehat Brar

Want to look like a celebrity bride? Rehat Brar is the go-to bridal makeup artist in Delhi for that. She will give you a high-class makeup look that will make you feel glamorous and like a superstar. Plus, she’s got all the hacks of how to create flawless and perfect makeup. So you know you really want her while deciding your wedding look.

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#19 Swati Verma

A heavenly bridal makeup artist in Delhi is tough to find, but we found her; Swati Verma. She is an exceptional makeup artist with creative and unique ideas of how she can transform a brides look into making her look spectacular. If all these words are striking a chord in your minds and heart, you know you have got to go for her.

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#20 Meera Sakhrani

Meera uses the best of the makeup products to highlight the facial features of the bride. She is a bridal makeup artist in Delhi who has had many experiences of working with brides and of working in the makeup industry. She always wants to bring a side of you through makeup while keeping it simple.

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It is not easy to choose a great makeup artist for your special day from the many that are available. But the list of the 20 amazing bridal makeup artists in Delhi should make the process simpler, easier and happier for you. We hope you find your best makeup artist match!

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