20 Best Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists in Mumbai

Bridal Makeup Artists
Best Wedding Bridal Makeup Artists in Mumbai

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day and we know finding the best bridal makeup artist in Mumbai can be super difficult. But, here’s a list that will ease you into the wedding festivities and not make you fret about wedding makeup!

#1 Ojas Rajani

For your special day you need to have the right makeup artist who will make you look perfect at every step. That bridal makeup artist in Mumbai is Ojas Rajani. He is a trusted and experienced wedding makeup artist whose talent has no bounds. His work is significant, subtle and glowy which makes him the best. Watch out for your friend’s expression when you tell them you have got Ojas Rajani as your makeup artist!

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#2 Mickey Contractor

How would you feel to get your wedding day makeup done by none other than Mickey Contractor! He is one of the most popular makeup artists in Mumbai and is also known to have done Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s wedding makeup. If you are on the search for the best bridal makeup artist in Mumbai, then you have hit a jackpot.

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#3 Cory Walia

Cory Walia is a brilliant bridal makeup artist in Mumbai. His knowledge and makeup kit (with the best products) makes his work beautiful. He, along with you (bride) dreams of a stunning and magical looking makeup look for your wedding day. It’s your day, which means it has to be perfect; and Cory Walia couldn’t agree more!

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#4 Namrata Soni

Any makeup done by Namrata Soni would gain one comment; gorgeous. A bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who is exceptional in her work and will not hesitate to go out of her way to make you look like the bride of your dreams. A wedding is nearly perfect when the bride is super happy. And when Namrata Soni does your makeup, you will surely be illuminating.

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#5 Bharat and Dorris

If you want to have a soft and earthy wedding look, then Bharat and Dorris are experts. Best of the best brides turn to them to get their perfect wedding looks precise. Bridal makeup artists in Mumbai can be difficult to find within a budget so you have got to be sure about who you want. Know this for a fact that Bharat and Dorris, are marvellous.

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#6 Sunita Divecha

With years of experience on tip of her fingertips, Sunita is a well known bridal makeup artist in Mumbai. She will enhance and highlight your facial features on your wedding day making you glow and look stunning. Looking for someone to do exactly this, well you have found her!

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#7 Fatima Soomar

Fatima Soomar is a bridal makeup artist based in Mumbai but is willing to travel anywhere in India to make you look gorgeous for your wedding day. Her motto is to create perfect makeup for a picture perfect day. Doesn’t this sound like something you would be interested in?

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#8 Nivritti Chandra

Looking for the ultimate bridal makeup package? Nivritti Chandra should be your pick! Trained under the master, Cory Walia; Nivritti knows exactly what you want and are aiming for on your special day. She is a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who understands makeup like no one else and does not hesitate to add some cool aspect in your makeup too!

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#9 Jharna Shah

Soft and natural looks are what Jharna Shah specializes in for the wedding day makeup. A lot of brides recommend her work, and also call her a specialized bridal makeup artist in Mumbai. So if you want the best, and nothing but the best you know who to reach out to.

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#10 Varsha Gidwani

Varsha Gidwani is one of the most amazing bridal makeup artists in Mumbai because she not only applies brilliant makeup but also gives you her opinion of how you could improve your look. Searching for someone like Varsha, well now you have.

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#11 Nisha Desai

Glamorous and enchanting is how everyone describes Nisha Desai’s makeup. A bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who is known for charming personality and magical makeup technique.

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#12 Mallika Jolly

Your wedding day is not ordinary, so you must go all out in terms of makeup too to look extraordinary. A bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who can do exactly this is Mallika Jolly. She knows what and how exactly to make your facial features stand out and for you to look fabulous.

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#13 Meghna Butani

Flawless makeup on a flawless and remarkable day is possible! Meghna Butani is an extremely talented bridal makeup artist in Mumbai. She can go above and beyond to make you look like the ultimate bride. Now, doesn’t this sound very promising?

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#14 Arti Damania

Arti’s main aim for wedding makeup is to make the bride feel happy and loved, and that is visible! She is a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai with magic makeup powers. She could most definitely be called super makeup woman! If you get it, then you know how incredibly awesome she is.

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#15 Dimple Bhatija

Are you an individual who is picky about her makeup but also wants to look trendy? Look no further because a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who knows exactly how to deal with this is Dimple.

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#16 Recinda Martis

A few brush strokes can make a whole lot of difference, Recinda Martis knows this very well. She is a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who has worked on a lot of brides which makes her experience legit and amazing (because everyone loved her!)

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#17 Zubair Shaikh

There are no words to express how incredible of a makeup artist Zubair Shaikh is. He is a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who will also run a trial run to see what makeup look you want to go for on your special day. Not only does his work have finesse but he is creative and knows how to tackle any little detail. Don’t just dream of how incredible this would be, but reach out to him too!

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#18 Nayna Salva

Nayna believes that with the right styling anyone can look beautiful, but for the brides, it is obviously more than just that. She is a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who is passionate about makeup and about making the bride memorable. The first impression of the bride should be the last impression, and that impression should be stunning.

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#19 Prashant Kamble

Bold and beautiful is how Prashant Kamble sees brides. His work is versatile and precise, and will even get you teary-eyed as to how amazing it looks. He is a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai who is always looking forward to weddings and creating the best memories. So, brides… you know whom to contact now.

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#20 Riddhi Malde

Riddhi Malde is a bridal makeup artist in Mumbai whose work is phenomenal and recommended by many brides. If you are looking for someone who is a perfectionist, then you have found her.

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Everyone has an idea of how they want to look at their wedding. So if you can get the best of the help to assist and make your special day even more spectacular then why not! For more such informative content follow weddingwishlist.com

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