21 Best Wedding Catering Services in Chennai

Wedding Catering Services in Chennai
Best Wedding Catering Services in Chennai

Nobody likes to compromise on food at an event, and hence we have compiled for you a list of vendors who provide excellent wedding catering services in Chennai. From a small function of 50 people to a large gathering of 5000, from traditional vegetarian dishes to chicken biryani, you can find a caterer as per your need in this article.

Here is a list of the top 21 wedding caterers in Chennai –

#1. Arusuvai Arasu

One of the leading caterers of India, Arusuvai Arasu started out by experimenting with north Indian dishes into south Indian marriage ceremonies. They slowly expanded their catering services and started to provide international cuisine. Pandemic didn’t stop their will to serve, hence they started delivering food to the guest’s doorstep while the host has a virtual wedding. This way, your loved ones can see your wedding and also they can have your kalyana virundhu at their homes safely.

#2. Farm Foods Caterers

Farm Foods Caterers have been in the hospitality business for over 30 years, and are known for multi-cuisine catering including South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, etc. They offer extensive vegetarian and non-vegetarian menus and promise excellent service.

#3. Katheeb Caterers

Katheeb caterers is a well-known name in the wedding catering business in Chennai that offers vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian menu for weddings. They specialise in South Indian as well as North Indian cuisine and include an array of seafood dishes as well.

#4. Sastha Catering Services

Founded in 1965, Sastha Caterers have a dedicated team of brahmin chefs who cook authentic South Indian vegetarian food for wedding ceremonies. The company takes utmost care and follow strict guidelines to ensure the food is hygienic and healthy.

#5. Home Caterers

Born out of a passion for food, Home Caterers has created a niche for itself in the wedding catering business in Chennai. Their vast menu of delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes is suitable for all types of weddings.

#6. SL Star Catering Services

Known for their mouth-watering biryani, SL Star Catering Services provide vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian options. They offer customised packages for small and large gatherings.

#7. Vivahaa Caterers

Vivahaa is known for providing value for money wedding catering services in Chennai. They have earned a base of loyal customers through positive word of mouth publicity. They offer an array of vegetarian menus and dishes along with other wedding services.

#8. Kasikannu Catering World

An ISO 9001: 2015 certified provider of wedding catering services in Chennai, Kasikannu also provides wedding planning and event management services. They offer an online payment option for the clients for all types of budgets.  

#9. Sri Ayyappa Catering Service

Treat your guests with an elegant sit-down meal comprising of the most delectable South Indian food at your wedding. Sri Ayyappa Catering Service specialises in Tamil wedding food and offer a wide variety of vegetarian menus including everything from starters to refreshments.  

#10. Nellai Catering

Nellai catering doesn’t just focus on good quality food, but also provide a team of professional and well-trained staff. A large set of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes are included in their packages. They also offer complementary services like mehendi artists, decor, aarti thaali, etc.

#11. Zaica Kitchen

From exotic juices to delicious lamb kebabs, Zaica Kitchen is a well-known name in the wedding catering business in Chennai. They offer vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian packages for every budget type.

#12. Masiambik Caters and Event management

Masiambik Caterers provide A-Z services for weddings. From wedding planning and decoration to vegetarian catering services, they offer a complete package for all your wedding requirements.

#13. Shree Gnanambika Catering Services

From theme-based weddings to traditional Indian weddings, Shree Gnanambika Catering Services is your one-stop destination for everything you need at a wedding. Primarily known for their excellent food, they also provide decor, entertainment, guest management and other wedding related services.

#14. Aachi

From a small gathering to a large one, Aachi provides tailor-made solutions to all your wedding catering needs. They have a number of fixed menus to choose from that include everything from a welcome drink to a range of desserts.  

#15. MS Caterers

Founded in 1968, MS Caterers has also ventured into marriage halls with an aim to provide holistic services to its clients. The company has earned well-deserved goodwill in the market by offering superior quality wedding catering services in Chennai.

#16. VUFoods

Attention to details is the mantra of VUFoods that provides excellent vegetarian wedding catering services in Chennai. From maintaining the quality and the taste of the food to making sure the presentation is attractive, VUFoods leave no stone unturned for their clients. It also takes into consideration dietary restrictions while planning the menu.

#17. RK Caterers

Focusing on fresh ingredients, hygienic and superior quality food while maintaining the deliciousness of each dish, RK Caterers is one of the most trusted wedding caterers in Chennai. Apart from vegetarian catering they provide a number of wedding services like event management, bridal makeup, photography and many more.

#18. Venus Caterers

Venus Caterers is an award-winning wedding caterer in Chennai, and its clientele includes some of the A-listers of Chennai. It offers customised packages for weddings and separate packages for different meals of the day. Their website also gives a cost estimate for the wedding.

#19. NVK Caterers

Namma Vettu Kalyanam is one of the most renowned wedding caterers in Chennai. The company is over a decade old and offers customised wedding packages for Brahmin, Telugu, Tamilian and North Indian weddings. Apart from providing vegetarian food, stage  decoration, entertainment and other arrangements at weddings in Chennai, they also operate in Kerala, Bengaluru, Andhra Pradesh and other cities of Tamil Nadu.

#20. SVS Caterers

SVS Caterers is a family business who have been catering for generations. They take pride in their loyal clientele, whom they have been serving for decades. They offer complete packages for a wedding that not only includes food but also photographers, music band, mehendi artists, bangle sellers, etc. Their extensive vegetarian menu is curated as per the wedding function.

#21. Vinayaga

Vinayaga aims to be a one-stop solution for your wedding catering requirements. They offer customised packages as per various wedding ceremonies and specialise in South Indian food with a wide variety of options for North Indian food as well. Offering an extensive vegetarian menu, the clients will surely feel spoilt for choice.  

There’s nothing worse than serving bad food to your guests at a wedding. Make sure you do thorough research before finalizing a wedding caterer. Ask for a tasting session before fixing the menu.

If you are holding a virtual celebration you can still make sure you plan scrumptious virtual dinners for guests.Personalise your celebration for virtual guests with our food and beverages delivery service.

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