Best Wedding Gift Ideas For Couple Moving Abroad

How many of us have wanted to gift a newly wedded couple something memorable but have stuck to the same old clock or crockery gifts just because we didn’t have the time or knowledge about their preferences? This question becomes a little bit more complicated if the couple is moving abroad as you have so many wedding gift ideas.

Do you want to gift something that the couple will actually use after their move?

Wedding gift ideas for couples moving abroad
Wedding gift ideas for couples

Here’s a list of 10 best wedding gift ideas for a couple moving to save all that effort and money spent on an unwanted gift.

#1. Gift Card

Gift cards are the most versatile and preferred wedding gifts if you don’t have a wedding gift registry. The couple can buy whatever they prefer in their own time and place. In the same vein, it is always important to make sure that the website or the vendor offering the gift card is operating in that place. I would personally recommend someone to go for popular all-purpose retailers such as Target, Fair price etc. to facilitate the couple to shop for whatever they need in a single place.

#2. Local Experiences

Local experiences are one of the best wedding gift ideas as you can make a couple’s move abroad even more memorable by giving them vouchers or gift cards to explore the local experiences in their place. For example, if a couple is moving to London, you can maybe gift them a countryside carriage ride or a Thames river cruise. This will give them a truly memorable experience they will cherish forever.

#3. Travel vouchers

Travel vouchers are turning out to be one of the best gifts for couples. Almost everyone likes to travel. Needless to say, this gift would provide the couple with an extra incentive to go on a dream holiday that they’ve always wanted.

#4. Gadgets

If the couple is tech-savvy or has a penchant for gadgets then this would be the best gift they could receive. From travel gadgets to smart home gadgets, you can gift the couple anything and they would never dream of leaving your gift behind. Isn’t that a great gift for a couple?

#5. Household goods

Household goods encompass everything from cookware to décor. Traditional cookware is something essential to carry abroad. A nice spice box or a small pressure cooker or even a Kadai would do well as a wedding gift. It’s better to cross-reference the items that you’re buying with the country that they are moving to. For instance, it would be a waste of time to buy a pressure cooker for a couple moving to Singapore as the prices there are not much different from here.

I would prefer sticking to essentials rather than décor as the couple may deem it not necessary enough to carry it with them. Nevertheless, gifting them an embellished photo frame or small trinkets that will remind them of a home shouldn’t be a problem. Just make sure that your gift won’t take up much space and will hold some value to them.

#6. Travel accessories

Couples moving abroad after their wedding will have a lot of packing to do. The best wedding gift is to give them travel accessories or packing tools that make their life easier, namely packing cubes, vacuum bags or maybe even duffle bags and suitcases. If you know the couple personally and if they are passionate about trekking or backpacking there are so many personalized gifts for couple in the market now like solar-powered backpacks, washbags and so on that can make their travel more comfortable.

#7.Charity gifts

A little good deed never hurts anyone. I’m sure the couple won’t mind if you make a generous charity donation in their name. Nowadays there are so many couples that are saying no to wedding gifts. Instead of asking their guests to donate to their preferred charity. You may even ask if there’s any cause close to the couple’s heart before making your donation. Charity gifts are turning out to be the most popular wedding gift for a couple.

#8. Personalized items

Personalized gifts for couple are trending these days on wedding gift ideas forums. From monogrammed towels or cutlery to clone dolls of the couple, gifting personalized items ensures that the gift has some value to the couple. Almost all personalized gifts bring some value to the customers. Therefore, it’s better to go with personalized gifts such as passport covers.

#9. Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings are anything from a bedsheet to pillow covers to curtains that find in the house. Almost every newly married couple buys new soft furnishings, that’s why this is an awesome wedding gift idea. It’s better to stick with classic designs when gifting soft furnishings unless you personally know the couple and their choice. If not it’s better to stick with the norm and buy something classic rather than shell out on something funky that the couple may not like.

#10. Cash

When in doubt to find a Wedding gift idea for bride and groom- Cash is the answer. Cash is the most liquid form of wealth and is versatile. Therefore, it is the most preferred wedding gift by some guests as well as couples. By giving the couple cash you give them the opportunity and the freedom to do whatever they want. The couple may choose to go on a holiday that they’ve been dreaming about forever or save this cash towards paying for their honeymoon or get new stuff for their home- it could be anything! That’s the awesome thing about cash, you could do literally anything with it.


According to me, if you’re getting something for a couple moving abroad, cash would be the most preferable gift followed by gift cards, travel vouchers and local experiences. These gifts would truly go a long way in making the day a truly memorable Wedding gift idea for bride and groom. Happy gifting!

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