20 Best Wedding Gifts Below Rs. 2000

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Best Wedding Gifts Below Rs. 2000

Every guest attending a wedding wants to give the couple wedding gifts that will be appreciated. However, if your budget is limited this can be tricky. To make things super easy, we’ve curated the ultimate list of suggestions under Rs 2,000 so you don’t have to go hunting for something amazing.

Read on for the best wedding gifts ideas in your budget!

#1 Polaroid Camera

It’s cute, it’s old-school and it will be loved by every couple. Newlyweds have a lifetime of memories to create and some memories should not have to wait to be on one’s wall! This is a gift you know they’ll be itching to use immediately. While polaroid cameras span a range of budgets, you can find a good one under Rs 2,000.

#2 Personalised stationery

If you want a gift that you’re sure the couple will use, what could be a better choice? Stationery is inexpensive, and when personalised to a couples name becomes a really special gift. You can take your pick from notecards, envelopes, gift tags and more. Choose a design that suits the couple’s personality and you’ve got yourself a winner!

#3 Fitness Band

They’re useful, they’re trendy and they span different budget ranges! For a health conscious couple this makes for a really fun wedding gift. There are dozens of models to choose from online, a lot of features available. In the given price range, opt for something of good quality even if it has limited features as you don’t want to gift the couple something that will not work properly.

#4 Spa voucher

Now here’s a gift that the tired newly-weds will definitely appreciate. And when it comes to budget, this one’s pretty open ended. In the given budget, opt for a couple’s foot massage, back rub or head massage. Alternatively, you can give them a gift card for a salon where they can go for some relaxing pedicures. This way, the couple will also have the option of adding some money and getting a treatment they truly enjoy.

#5 Copper Carafe:

Want to go for something that’s useable, stylish and has health benefits? This one’s a winner. Copper has taken over the world as the latest sign of healthy living. You can opt for a carafe, a jug with 2 glasses or a copper gift set. There are plenty of options available to choose from, both online and offline. With brands coming out with beautiful copper tableware collections, you’ll be spoilt for options.

#6 Cooking/Dance Class

Don’t want to opt for a boxed gift? This is a great choice for the couple to do some fun, relaxing activity post the wedding. In a sea of gifts that the couple receive, this gift choice will be like a breath of fresh air. Opt for an activity you think the couple will enjoy and give them a gift certificate for the same. From a 1-day baking class to a private salsa lesson, there will be many options in this budget.

#7 Induction

Tried, tested and always useful, an induction is a really nice gift to give someone who’ll be moving into a new home. However, this gift runs the risk of being repeated, so check with the couple before you invest in one.

#8 Coffee Maker

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is enough to give the day a good start, and your gift can help the couple have one every day. With a limited budget, pass the fancy electronic versions and opt for a nice and authentic French Press or filter coffee maker as wedding gifts.

#9 Wine Bottle

Now here’s a gift where repeats truly don’t matter, so you know you’re playing it safe. Everyone loves a good bottle of wine, especially newlyweds who have all the reasons and occasions to celebrate with a glass of bubbly.

#10 Bed linen

This is another great wedding gifts choice where the risk of repeat gifts become inconsequential. Every couple needs bed linen, and if you go for one with a nice thread count and classic design, there is no way it won’t make it to the list of gifts they use.

#11 Custom coasters

Bring some fun into your wedding gift choice by getting the couple a set of customized coasters. Think of fun one-liners and quirky messages that the couple would resonate with and create a fun set. There are many online companies that can do this for you.

#12 Cocktail glasses

Glassware, especially when classic, makes for an amazing gift choice for newlyweds. Steer clear of the regular wine and champagne options and go for something super fun like Gin or Martini glasses.

#13 Platters

One may be inundated with dinner sets and tableware as wedding gifts, but one thing a couple can never have enough of is fun serve ware or platters. Pick a nice wooden or ceramic set for a nice gift choice.

#14 Gift cards

Know a brand that the couple loves or uses frequently. Nothing can be a more flexible or open-ended gift that a gift card. Give them one for a place they love and they can use it towards something they love. The flexibility is an added advantage as they can pay extra if they like something more costly.

#15 Scented candles

Here’s a gift that spells romance. Opt for a beautiful scented candle or diffuser set as a wedding present. Most of these come packaged for gifting so it’s a super easy choice to go for.

#16 Board Games

Game nights are an amazing way to make an evening fun, so go ahead and pick a really cool and unusual board game as a wedding present. Skip the usual suspects like Taboo, Pictionary or Mono Deal if you want to avoid a repeat. Some off-beat wedding gifts choices would be cards against humanity, 5-second rule, I should have known that etc.

#17 Cocktail shaker

This one’s a timeless gift. Go for a really nice crystal cocktail shaker that can become a part of the couple’s bar. You can also opt for other fun bar accessories such as measurers, stirrers or eclectic ice trays!

#18 Customised coffee mugs

This may remind you of the many freebies you get at events, but the trick here is to think differently. Opt for a pair of really nice ceramic cups and get it customized with a smart one-liner that makes the couple smile. Names on cups are passé, so avoid that route.

#19 His & Hers Towel Set

No one likes having his or her towels mixed up! So get the couple a cute his & hers towel set with their names initialled on it. It’s a useful choice and you know they can’t re-gift it anyway!

#20 Table Linen

An easy-to-buy wedding gifts option is to get the couple a really nice table runner or a set of tablemats and napkins. Go for standard sizing if you don’t know how big the couple’s table is, and choose something in neutral tones so you know it goes with the rest of their tableware.

For more wedding gifts ideas for newlyweds, visit WeddingWishlist.com! But the smartest idea of them all is to ask the couple to create a gift registry so every gift they get is one they love. Refer now at WeddingWishlist.com/Gift-Registry

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