10 Most Important Wedding Gifts For Bride And Groom

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Best Wedding Gifts for Newlyweds

There are unique wedding gifts, there are personalised wedding gifts and then there are the essentials. Essentials are something that would always qualify as the most important and rather useful wedding gifts for any bride and groom.

So, here’s a compact list of the 10 most important wedding gifts you could get the newlyweds:

#1. Furniture

Sure the couple would have got themselves basic furniture, but trust us when we say this, there’s always going to be a dearth of furniture at their place. Now that the bride and groom are moving out of their comfort zone, the list is never ending. And the best thing you could do is order them that corner piece, shoe rack or stand and anything that they would have remotely mentioned to you about. And thanks to the many sites like Pepper fry and Urban Ladder, gifting the couple furniture is literally just a click away.

#2. Crockery & Cutlery

Now, one of the first things the gang always indulges in, is a party at the bride and groom’s place. The newly weds’ house becomes the new party mansion and so if there’s any wedding gift you’ll have to pick up, let be their drinks crockery set. Pick up the beer mugs, wine glasses, shot glasses and whiskey specific crockery and make sure the couples’ bar is all equipped. While this would be an important and fun gift, other crockery too is always on the list. As most couples are increasingly into aesthetic dinner sets, especially Turkish, vintage and Persian ones. It’s always a great idea to head over to the nearest exhibition or Home Center and pick up those blue and white crockery sets. And most importantly, do not forget to include the coffee/tea mugs in the set.

#3. Linens & Quilts

You’re not really done shopping or calling that new place home, until you get the right linens and especially quilts. So, now that it’s your turn to pick a wedding gift for the bride and groom, we’d highly recommend you to gift them a token of comfort. Super soft, thick and cozy quilts are something any newly wed would love to have at their homes. So, by picking up the right kind of linen sets and quilts, you’d also make sure you contributed to their new life starter pack.

#4. Baking Equipments

The perfect oven, cooling racks, measuring spoons, mixing jars, pastry brush, rolling pins and all of those Baking essentials! We think that it’s most important for every couple to let their hair down and indulge in some baking every once in a while. It’s not only an interesting hobby to pick up but is also therapeutic to say the least. And since most brides/grooms have most recently picked up the art making some yummy cookies and cupcakes, getting a package of Baking equipment as the wedding gift, is the most ideal thing to do!

#5. Pickle Jars

The one thing we’d miss when we move out of home, would definitely be the food. And the one thing that would keep us closest to our routes and help us when we’re home sick, are the pickles. From being aesthetic elements at home to the perfect vintage corner piece and of course, the holders of go to food items at home, pickle jars qualify as an important wedding gift more reasons than one. Especially if the couple swears by their grandmother’s secret recipes, then there it is. They could now effortlessly carry a part of their heart, with your token of love. And every time they decide to have a scrumptious meal with all those podis and pachadis, they would be thankful for the classic jars.

#6. Fire stick

After a long day at work or even the first week after the wedding, we are sure the bride and groom would sit back and binge. Or switch cozy up to a rom com, laugh it off with a stand up comedy and even hoot as their favourite player hits a goal. And for all these reasons and more, gifting the couple a fire stick is quite literally the best thing to do. It not only brings the couple together but also sorts their entertainment hour. Their Netflix, Hotstar, Prime videos, YouTube tutorials and all of it, taken care off.

#7. Knife set

As absurd as it sounds, a Knife set is actually a winner when it comes to wedding gifts. Because let’s face it, if there’s one kitchen equipment that the newly weds need, it’s the perfect and sleek knife set. Knives for vegetables, fruits, greens and even peelers to cook up all those recipes, your A to S kitchen list is never complete without these.

#8. Lanterns

Apart from being a pretty decorative, lanterns are also important corner pieces to light up the house. And since Mosaic chandeliers, antique Moroccan & Indian lanterns and several LED bulbs have taken over the interior market today, a great thing to do would be to pick up one of these as the wedding gift for the bride and groom!

#9. Name Board

The most exciting part of getting married, would be starting a new home together. And the first thing that would strike a newly wed before they set foot would be their name boards. From steel imprinted ones to painted name boards and the many carved handicrafts, this wedding gift not only serves the purpose but also becomes personalised!

#10. Four wheel trolley

Pre wedding, post wedding and all through life, if there’s one thing you would be done more often than once it is packing. The packing almost never ends for the bride and groom during the wedding phase and to save them from all the dragging, you could get them four wheel trolley sets. Sets that have suitcases of all styles and sizes and most important give a break from our old suitcases, which are heavy and a pain to drag when over loaded. With four wheel trolleys as a wedding gift, you could make a couples’ shifting process easier and also their journeys together hassle free!

So, next time the never ending wedding gift lists confuse you and you have to sit down and prioritise the 10 most important wedding gifts, then the above list should most definitely get your sorted!

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