The Top 15 People For Wedding Photography in Delhi

Wedding photographer in Delhi

Best Wedding photographer in Delhi

Whether you’re looking for quirky pre-wedding images, candid wedding photography or a fancy wedding film shoot we’ve got it all covered. We’ve curated the list of best wedding photography services in Delhi.

Your wedding day is not just about living the most beautiful day of your life, it is also about creating your most cherished memories. And that’s why choosing the right wedding photographer can be a little intimidating. It is perhaps the biggest and most difficult wedding planning decision for any new age wedding. You can plan it to the last detail from the venue to the clothes and jewelry but if you get this one detail wrong, everything goes for a toss.

So spend some time to do your research much in advance and only commission this once-in-a-lifetime project of your D-day to a wedding photographer who understands your unique requirements. Here are our recommended options for wedding photography in Delhi.

#1. Gulzar Sethi Photography

Founded in 2011, Gulzar Sethi Photography is known for his photojournalism style of wedding photography in Delhi. Check them out if you’re looking for a non-intrusive wedding photography team that creatively freezes the best moments of your day. We especially like their candid images.

Facebook Page : Gulzar Sethi Photography

#2. Dipak Studio

Dipak Studio is known for covering a lot of star-studded celebrity weddings in Delhi & Mumbai. Started by Sunder Dipak, the company is now run by his two sons Mohan & Raman Dipak. Their wedding videos make great use of light and will impress you with its ethereal cinematic look and feel. And, if you are old school and would love to have that perfect wedding album, don’t think twice before approaching them because they specialize in coffee book albums!

Facebook Page : Dipak Studio

#3. Arjuns Tryst with the Camera

Arjun Mahajan is gifted with a great eye for photography and is undoubtedly one of the best wedding photographers in Delhi. He manages to capture all the raw emotion by blending seamlessly in the wedding chaos. His work is can be best described as visual poetry, we absolutely love the crying, laughing and even dancing pictures.

Facebook Page : Arjuns Tryst with the Camera

#4. Twogether Studios – Arjun & Praerna Kartha

Husband-wife duo Arjun and Praerna Kartha are known for their fun and off-beat wedding photography. So if you are looking for someone to capture all the behind-the-scenes action that makes your big day memorable, get Twogether Studios on board. They are not just known for the best wedding photography in Delhi but are listed amongst top wedding photographers in India too.

Facebook Page : Twogether Studios – Arjun & Praerna Kartha

#5. Tarun Chawla

Tarun is possibly the most passionate wedding photographer in Delhi and doesn’t hesitate to go the extra mile to create the best memories for you. Highly recommended for stunning bridal portraits.

Facebook Page : Tarun Chawla

#6. Hitched & Clicked

Whether it is your out of the box love story, the grandeur of the wedding venue or even the minutest details of your jewelry, you can trust them to capture it all visually. They tell your story flawlessly by paying utmost attention to every small detail. For the husband-wife duo Gaurav & Aastha every frame is a piece of art. So if you’re someone obsessed with perfection, you’ve found your match!

Facebook Page : Hitched & Clicked

#7. Photosynthesis Photography Services

Photosynthesis team comprises highly skilled storytellers and cinematographers. They believe in putting the couple at ease to bring out the best in visuals on the D-day, and hence their style is natural and informal. And it is no wonder that they call themselves ‘dream weavers of unforgettable memories’.

Facebook Page : Photosynthesis Photography Services

#8. Cool Bluez Photography

Do you remember a video that went viral about a bride getting ready while she sang  “Baby, I don’t need no dollar bills to have fun tonight…” Well, it was them. Best known for pre-wedding concept photography, so if you’re looking for some drama and want to do a filmy video, we greatly recommended them.

Facebook Page : Cool Bluez Photography

#9. Photo Tantra

Photo Tantra is possibly the best destination wedding photography service based in New Delhi. Founded by husband-wife duo Vinayak Das and Snigdha Sheel, the company focuses on capturing the most memorable moments. While Vinayak’s style is more photojournalistic in nature, Snigdha is focussed on capturing all the emotional moments.

Facebook Page : Photo Tantra

#10. Foxbackdrop

All backdrops are shipped in rolls to ensure 100% wrinkle-free. High-definition, waterproof, and easy to clean. Just one damp-wipe can save you from the dirty mess.


Facebook Page : Ozen Studios

#11. Cupcake Productions

Cupcake Productions specializes in wedding photography in Delhi. Other than covering the usual traditional ritualistic aspects of the wedding they just know how to get to the core of your story through creative storytelling.

Facebook Page : Cupcake Productions

#12. The Wed Cafe – Rajesh Luthra

Rajesh Luthra switched from fashion photography to pursue wedding photography. Best known for wedding photography in Delhi, Rajesh and his team are able to capture the best emotions and expressions to create the most memorable memories. We especially love their wedding films that capture real stories from the perspective of not just the bride and groom, but also their friends, and family.

Facebook Page : The Wed Cafe – Rajesh Luthra

#13. My Visual Artistry – George Gupta

If you’re looking for visual storytelling with advanced artistic aesthetics then this might be the best choice for you. Their frames are photography artworks that create immense visual interest. We are fond of their conceptual wedding photography and wedding films.

Facebook Page : My Visual Artistry – George Gupta

#14. Shutterdown – Lakshya Chawla

Led by Lakshya Chawla, Shutterdown collective has some of the top wedding cinematographers on the team. They are known for their quirky and fun wedding shoots. We love the vibrant use of colors in their photography. We also find their day wedding pictures pretty interesting.

Facebook Page : Shutterdown – Lakshya Chawla

#15. Cine Love Productions

If you are looking to star in your own romantic fantasy, check out Cine Love Productions. True to their tagline ‘Experience Joy’, they manage to create magical wedding tales that ooze with that warm fuzzy feeling of unprecedented happiness.

Facebook Page : Cine Love Productions

So those are the people for best wedding photography in Delhi. If you’d like to check out wedding photographers from all over the country, read on our article 20 best wedding photographers in India. For more information

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