15 Best Wedding Planners in Chennai to Hire for Your Wedding

Wedding Planners in Chennai
Top Wedding Planners in Chennai

Be it north or south, weddings celebrations in India are a grand affair. So if getting married in Chennai, here’s a list of the best wedding planners in Chennai. From a conventional Tam-Bram ceremony to an over-the-top Sindhi sha-bang, this city is a melting pot of cultures and wedding styles.

We have compiled the ultimate list of wedding planners in Chennai who can make your big day special, irrespective of what your requirements are.

#1 The Dream Theme

Owned and managed by two architects, The Dream Theme is the ultimate bespoke wedding planners in Chennai. They are all about niche and curated services, ensuring that the couple’s journey is truly a realization of their dreams. With great attention to detail, the owners often joke about how they are perfect for couples with OCD!

Know more at: www.facebook.com/the.dream.theme/

#2 The Knottt Wedding Planners

Run by school friends turned business partners, this wedding planning company is all about the optics. If you are looking for an absolute visual treat, with great emphasis on décor and presentation, then these planners are the answer to your prayers. They’re colourful, innovative, fun and one of the best wedding planners.  

Know more at: www.facebook.com/theknottt.events/

#3 Sumyog Weddings

Owned by Vidya Gajapati Raj Singh and Rekha Rangaraj, this is one of the most luxurious wedding planning services in Chennai. Their strength lies in working on celebrations that are high-end, exclusive and truly classy. Their work speaks for itself and over the years Sumyog has become one of the best wedding planners in Chennai.

Know more at: www.sumyog.com

#4 Mark 1 Décor

As the name itself suggests, the strength of this planning service lies in the décor. From creating beautiful backdrops and floral art to even creating sets and transforming venues, they can do it all. With over a decade of experience and a strong understanding of cultures and traditions, they are a great choice for couples.

Know more at: www.mark1decor.com

#5 Mehak Wedding Planners

Wedding planning is rarely about just décor or food. It’s about bringing together all the hundreds of details to make sure that guests have a seamless experience. That’s what Mehak Wedding Planners deliver—a stress-free, well-executed event for the couple.

Know more at: www.facebook.com/Mehak-156003134492585

#6 Marriage Colours

In a world where wedding planning is all about what’s in trend, here’s a wedding planning service that focuses on what the couple wants and what best reflects their personality. They create a customized experience that is cherished by the couple and their guests.

Know more at: www.marriagecolours.com

#7 Subha Mugurtham

One of the best wedding planners in Chennai, the strength of Subha Mugurtham is that they offer tailor-made services to couples. So whether you’re looking to hire someone for the entire wedding, or just need help with décor or logistics or photography, they are the ones to go to.

Know more at: smweddingplanners.com

#8 Subha Mangala Wedding Planning

Run by a couple, Mr & Mrs Balasubramaniam, this wedding planning service takes care of every tiny detail during your wedding celebration. From cultural nuances to kind of photography needed, the couple ensures everything is like clockwork on your big day.

Know more at: www.facebook.com/subhamangalawedding

#9 Epic Weddings

Looking for a wedding that’s beautiful and memorable yet within a budget. Epic Weddings are a great choice among the best wedding planners in
Chennai. They understand that couples need to work within budgets and work hard to recreate your dream without burning a hole in your wallet.

Know more at: www.epicweddings.in

#10 Star Weddings

This one’s truly for the star couples—those looking to have an extravagant celebration for their wedding. Aside from the regular wedding preparation, they also offer live streaming, costume designing, fireworks and even pre-wedding counselling. They’ve really got it all covered.

Know more at: www.starweddings.in

#11 Modern Event Makers

For those who want a wedding that is true to their culture but still with an international edge, these are the wedding planners in Chennai to go to! They’re all about quality execution and attention to detail.

Know more at: www.moderneventmakers.com

#12 The A Cube Project

Now here’s a wedding planning company that promises to bring creativity to your celebration. They’re based partly out of Chennai and partly out of Delhi and can help organize weddings across the country. They will give your wedding a unique, out-of-the-box feel that will be remembered by guests for a long time to come.

Know more at: www.facebook.com/TheACubeProject

#13 Athithi

The brainchild of Kalyanamani Mohan, a leading wedding planner and caterer in Chennai, this wedding planning company comes with over three decades of experience. If you’re looking for a truly traditional, South Indian celebration, then they are your go-to people.

Know more at: www.athithiseva.com

#14 My Grand Weddings

They are a one-stop-shop for all your wedding needs. As the name suggests, their expertise lies in planning weddings that are truly grand. Their founder, Mr R. Sharath started his career with the Taj Group of Hotels and that alone should tell you that outstanding service will be a part of their offering.

Know more at: mygrandwedding.com

#15 Atulya Wedding & Events

Having executed over 50 successful weddings, they are a great choice for couples who need help planning but are working with a tight budget. They do weddings of all budget sizes and offer end-to-end services to couples. Their expertise lies in sourcing the right vendors for every role, which is the starting point of any well-executed wedding.

Know more at: www.facebook.com/atulyaevents

Be it a destination wedding or a local one, a very traditional celebration or a modern extravaganza, these wedding planners in Chennai can help you plan and execute the wedding of your dreams. The trick lies in finding the right one for your requirements. Know more about the top wedding planners in your city by visiting Wedding Wishlist.

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