20 Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

20 Best Wedding Planners in Delhi

Delhi Wedding Planners You Need To Know!

A wedding is like bringing a dream to life, and like every dream, it has to perfect. Wedding planners aim to make your dream a reality.

Here are the Top 20 wedding planners in Delhi that you must look out for to make your ever perfect dream come true.

#1 The Wedding Design Company

If you are dreaming of a glamorous, elegant yet classic wedding then The Wedding Design Company will be your best bet! Vandana Mohan and her team are one of the best wedding planners you can come across. They envision your dream and desire for the perfect wedding and will ensure it is one to remember.

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#2 Vibes Entertainment  

Trendy, unique, and spectacular are all you can expect from Vibes Entertainment. The team aims and works towards designing your special day with modern ideas. They have got it all, from decoration to entertainment to even hospitality! The day that will mark your happily ever after will be in the hands of truly the best wedding planners in Delhi.

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#3 Foreign Wedding Planners

When love meets creativity it is the work of the best wedding planner, and that is Foreign Wedding Planners. Destination weddings are the most sought after grand yet intimate wedding that most look out for. FWP focuses on creating the needs of a big fat Indian wedding with great style and detail. If you’re looking out for something similar, then you have hit the jackpot!

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#4 Theme Weavers

Theme Weavers true to their name spin your dream into making it a remarkable reality. They provide the best ideas and solution for a themed luxury wedding! Their unique ideas and concepts make sure that your day will be etched in the hearts of everyone!

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#5 Jubilation Events & Weddings

Love, lights and lots of color is the way for Jubilation Events & Weddings. They are one of the most prominent and best wedding planners in Delhi who work on creating memories. Their goal is to provide a grand personalized wedding that will ooze warmth and happiness. Now, doesn’t this sound like an incredible way to celebrate your marriage?

Know more at jubilationlive.com

#6 Exotic Indian Weddings

Want a unique wedding, different from anything you have ever seen? Then look no further than Exotic Indian Weddings, they are the best wedding planners in creating innovative and fantastic themed weddings. Their ideas will not only surprise you but also excite you to see how it will be implemented and executed. If you are already thrilled at the sound of this, you might want to give them a call to hear all about it!

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#7 Yuna Weddings

Classic, contemporary or unique; Yuna Weddings will ensure your day will be expressed the best. Their ideas and concepts are so beautiful and crisp that it will overwhelm you will smiles and happy tears. If you want your wedding to express the emotions that you feel, then they are the best wedding planners in Delhi to help you with it.

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#8 Innocept Studio

Bollywood, Vintage, Classic, Traditional… are wedding themes and who other than Innocept Studio to make it all a reality? Their working style is to make your wedding the most special one that anyone has set their eyes, mind or heart on. If this sounds like something you want for your wedding, then you know where to find them.

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#9 The 7 Vows

The 7 Vows believes that marriages are made in heaven but celebrated on earth and it is their duty to make sure it is a spectacular one. They work on every detail to make your special day unforgettable and that is why they are deemed as the best wedding planners in Delhi. Want to know more about this heavenly place, well contact them NOW!

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#10 FNP Weddings

FNP Weddings is known as the best and premier wedding planners in India, although they are based in Delhi their work is known across the globe. Commitment, creativity, and enthusiasm is the foundation and belief for making a dream wedding into a real one. With years of experience in fulfilling wishes, they will make your wedding a legendary one. If this is exactly what you are looking out for, then you have found your wedding planners!

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#11 Divine Events

A wedding is divine, it calls for celebration and brings joy. Divine Events helps mark the beginning of a new chapter of two people to celebrate their forever. Their detailing and style of every moment will bring you warmth and happy tears. If you are in search of such a wedding planner in Delhi, then you know whom to contact.

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#12 L’amore Wedding

The answer to the big fat Indian wedding is L’amore Wedding! They are the best wedding planners in Delhi and once you have got them, there is no looking back. They are there to help with every step in all the traditions, to make it grand and spectacular. They understand your taste and style and reflect only you at your wedding. If this does not scream perfect to you, then nothing else will.

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#13 Evergreen Wedding & Events

If anyone knows how to celebrate weddings, then it is Evergreen Wedding & Events. They have an understanding of every requirement at the back of their minds and do a fantastic job while at it. Every tradition, every ritual; you name and they know it. Be it classic, traditional, or even a modern wedding; they have your back and will take care of everything from start to end. Doesn’t this sound like the best wedding planner in the world?

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#14 Shubh Muhurat

Do you have thousands of wonderful wedding ideas that seem to be all over the place? Well, the Shubh Muhurat is here! Literally. Their services are so vast and precise that your wedding will blow everyone away. If you are looking for an expert in the wedding department, then you have them; the best wedding planners in Delhi!

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#15 Allure Events & Weddings

To be creative, you need to be inspired and Allure Events & Weddings is always inspired by great ideas and thoughts. If you want your wedding to be a time that no one will ever forget then choose Allure Events & Weddings! They are the best wedding planners in Delhi who will fulfill your wedding wishes at your budget.

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#16 Plan My Jashn

A wedding is a day that is filled with emotions, and Plan My Jashn knows exactly how to celebrate those emotions. Their work and authenticity speak volumes of how they are the best wedding planners in Delhi. Their understanding, creativity, and the sacredness of marriage are what makes their work outstanding.

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#17 BMP Weddings

Want a stress free wedding, but still filled with love and hope? BMP Weddings is the solution, currently, they are the best wedding planners in Delhi who provide out of the box ideas and a hassle-free service. If you want such a cool and calm planner to help you on your special day then you know where to find them.

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#18 VIVAHA Wedding Solutions

Why is VIVAHA the best wedding planner in Delhi? Because they deal with everything.If you need help deciding the guest list, of a song for the couples first dance, they are there to help you. There is nothing that VIVAHA cannot do or help with, so if you want your wedding to be full proof, they are sure to help you with that!  

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#19 V3 Events & Entertainments

V3 Events & Entertainments are the biggest and best wedding planners in Delhi. This is said with a guarantee because they believe that weddings are magical. Every detail matters to them, every step they take is a reflection of your thoughts and plans of how you imagine your wedding to be. Now, doesn’t this sound like your cup of tea?

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#20 Wedding Rose

A wedding is two individuals making a promise of a lifetime to each other, and having Wedding Rose help plan it all will double the happiness for something this special. They promise to always be by your side while making decisions and collaborating fun ideas. Because it is your wedding after all! Love the sound of this, then you will love having them help plan your special day too!

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Everyone wants a wedding that will be remembered for a lifetime, so why not take the help of the best wedding planners? Their ideas are always evolving be it for the decor, the theme or even the color of the wedding outfit only to make your special day perfect. So who better than wedding planners to help and take charge of such an important day! Take a look at curated list of wedding planners across the country. – weddingwishlist.com/wedding-vendors

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