Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday Alone to Make It Memorable

It is a given fact that your birthday is a very important day. When you are gonna look back, you will always remember how you celebrated each birthday. Sometimes with friends, family and sometimes with your partner. Everything you do on your birthday becomes a fond memory. But this year may be different. With lockdowns and corona putting a dent on most of your plans, many of you may be alone this birthday. Some may like it and some may not. But trust us, it’s not that bad! Celebrating your birthday alone is not uncommon, nor it makes you pitiful. Always remember, the greatest company for you is yourself.

Celebrating birthday alone
Celebrating birthday alone

So, we are here to give you some ideas on how to celebrate your birthday alone:

#1. Treat yourself

What’s a birthday without some treats right? It doesn’t matter if guests are there or not. It’s your day so eat whatever you like. Cooking for someone special is not only for TV ads, and who can be more special than yourself so why not put that apron on and chop chop!

With so many cooking tutorials online, there is absolutely nothing that you can’t whip up. If you are feeling fancy then you can always order it. Don’t be stingy. You deserve it!

#2.  Virtual Party

Miles and miles of distance between you and your loved ones but with technology, the distance can be virtually zero. Get to that virtual guest party and invite your friends. You can also organize virtual games or maybe just talk. One thing that pandemic has taught us is how lightly we used to take our social life. It will be a good time to just check on your closed ones. 

#3. Volunteer

One should not need a special day to volunteer. If you have never volunteered or are thinking of doing one, then it is a perfect time. Everybody is in need of help and a small initiation from your end can mean a lot for someone in need, be it volunteering in animal shelters or volunteering or joining COVID relief volunteer squads. You can be the change you want to see. Share happiness on your special day and people’s wishes can be your gift.

#4. Marathon

No, it is not the running type of marathon! Make a list of dramas or movies you always put on the ‘watch later’ list and get going. Some popcorn, beverage, good movie and above all, your own company, a perfect day!

If you are more of a reader then order the book you always wanted to read and give it a go. All these are very basic things but in our busy lives, we tend to forget to enjoy these little things. Your birthday can be a good breather. Everybody deserves a break, right?

#5. Do the undone

We, humans, are so indecisive. We want the best of both worlds. But we don’t have the patience to work on it consistently. Maybe there was a time when you were interested in knitting, painting, photography, or something else but due to a job or any other commitments you had to put it on hold. Remember something? If there are any hobbies or interests that you have left in between then it is high time to resume it. Gift yourself happiness and joy.  Don’t limit yourself. Do what makes you happy.

Hope you have an amazing birthday. Don’t let the pandemic suck your joy. It’s a hard time but we are in this together and we will go through it. It’s your day so celebrate it your way. Hope it helped you to some extent. So if you are planning, you can check our virtual celebration services to celebrate with your loved ones virtually.

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