Plan a Virtual Surprise Birthday Party for Your Special One

Every milestone in life should be celebrated. Be it small or big, the celebration is a celebration. When it comes to birthdays, everyone wants to go overboard. But surprising someone with a birthday party is something that will always be special. Imagine all your friends and family gathered together and pulling off such a feat just to make you feel special, how touching! And come on, partying with your friends at such events is what makes it memorable.

But with coronavirus running amok and sacrificing social life becoming the new normal, planning such an event is next to impossible, right? Wrong! New normal may be the norm but our virtual celebration platform is here to ensure no celebration is missed. 

Birthday Party
Birthday Party

So, here is how you can throw a surprise birthday party for your special one

#1.  Invite with style

First thing first, you gotta make a list of all the people who you need to invite. Don’t worry about the numbers, remember it is a virtual celebration so the more the merrier! After you have made the list of all the guests, it’s time to send out the invites. The easiest way to invite will be by creating a website. Add all the necessary details with pictures and just share the link. Easy peasy lemon squeezy! The best part is after the event, you can opt for a post-event website and upload all the pictures so you don’t have to send them via WhatsApp or Google Drive.

#2. Meaningful gifts

The most important question if attending any event is ‘What to gift?” and now with restrictions, the method of gifting has changed. Integrate your birthday website with a gift registry. If you are planning this event then you must be pretty close with the birthday boy/girl which means you must be knowing what they like or don’t like. Add gifts that you think they need and let the guests contribute or purchase any gifts from the registry. No hassle of following up with each purchase. You will be notified of each transaction. And let all the gifts be delivered to the special person’s doorstep. Safe and hassle-free!

#3. Let the party begin

Go for a zoom guest party and let all the guests come together and party! Plan some fun games or reminisce about the good old days, whatever sounds good. Ask everyone to dress up or play around with the virtual background and you will feel you are back to the socialization game. Imagine seeing everyone close to you on one screen on your birthday – the best gift you can give to them.

#4. Where is the cake?

When it comes to food, you must be thinking about how to organize it right? Worry not. You can opt for F&B service and can send cakes, desserts, or cocktails not only to the birthday girl/boy but to all the guests. Everyone can witness the cake cutting and sing as he/she blows out the candles. And you all can virtually eat the same food together!

#5.  Wishes

Let the guests pour their best wishes into the guestbook. They can leave audio, video, and text messages on the guestbook, even if they are unable to join the online party. This way, you can easily share the wishes and messages with the person whose birthday you are celebrating, rather than having to compile all the messages manually.

Safety and maintaining social distance are important, but it does not mean you should sacrifice all these little joys. All you need is the right technology to celebrate the right way — smart and safe. So, what are you planning for the next virtual birthday celebration?

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