13 Best Bridal Boutiques in Delhi to Sweep You Off Your Feet

Bridal shopping is the most fun and exciting part in the process of getting married, but the question that bothers every bride-to-be is where can they find their perfect outfit! Well, to make this easier and simple we have come up with a list of the best bridal boutiques in Delhi for all the Delhi brides! From top designers to traditional heritage wedding attires, we have got all the boutiques covered.

Bridal Boutiques in Delhi
Bridal Boutiques in Delhi

All you have to do is go through this list of 13 bridal boutiques in Delhi and choose your pick.

#1. Bhumika Grover

Are you looking for a vibrant and extremely detailed work on your wedding attire? Bhumika Grover has got it covered for you. When you step into her boutique you will realize why it is on the list of the best bridal boutiques in Delhi! From bridal dresses to lehenga’s, the choices and options are endless! Loving the sound of these choices, well then you will love the store even more!

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#2. Asiana Couture

Budget friendly, unique, and even custom designed wedding lehenga’s can be found at the one and only Asiana Couture. The title of the best bridal boutique in Delhi speaks volumes of how incredible this boutique is to every bride-to-be! Apart from this the designs and creativity displayed on the outfits will make you fall in love with them!

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#3. Frontier Raas

Frontier Raas is on the top of every bridal shopping list, no wonder they are known as one of the best bridal boutiques in Delhi. It is a boutique where you can find bridal gowns and lehengas all at the same place and with the best of the best designs. The selection they have will surely leave you impressed and madly in love. Be sure to hit this place first, it is well recommended! Who knows maybe you will find the perfect outfit after all.

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#4. Ekaya

A trendy bride should go to a trendy boutique to find the wedding outfit of the year! Ekaya is a fashion-forward bridal store, which definitely screams to be on the best bridal boutiques in Delhi list. The quality of the outfits they provide is beyond description, just know that you will be floored with happiness and love once you find your outfit there!

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#5. Ole Couture

Ole Couture is a huge designer store with a number of designers outfits displayed. Jt is one of the best bridal boutiques in Delhi because they have a range of outfits that brides-to-be can choose from. From traditional sarees to stunning gowns and lehengas, you name it and they have it.

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#6. Om Prakash Jawaharlal

Om Prakash Jawaharlal is the best bridal boutique in Delhi, ever! Why, you ask? Well, many brides have said to have found their dream outfit. Not only do they have attractive and beautiful designs but also they come under the budget that you had set for yourself. Getting a good deal on the outfit you dream to wear is the most amazing feeling ever, and Om Prakash Jawaharlal offers just that.

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#7. Gazal Gupta

Looking for a wedding outfit that is so unique that it is rare? Well, pay a visit to Gazal Gupta’s store, you will for sure find exactly this. The beautiful, off-beat, and quirky combination designs make this one of the best bridal boutiques in Delhi. Wearing outfits from Gazal Gupta will leave you with nothing but lots of compliments from people!

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#8. Abhinav Mishra

Abhinav Mishra is a visionist when it comes to bold bridal wedding attire, his creativity and approach to design makes his store the best bridal boutique in Delhi! He uses pastel and vibrant colours and gives it a whole new definition that brings in glamour and grandeur. If you are a bold woman of choices, then Abhinav Mishra is the person and designer you need to look for.

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#9. Bride & Beautiful

Bride & Beautiful is a one-stop store for every bride’s wedding shopping. It is a western bridal store with a vision of the perfect and gorgeous white wedding. This is the best bridal boutique in Delhi because they want your wedding to dress to depict your story. They know how important and special the wedding day is to the bride and they won’t stop till you receive perfection.

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#10. Tarun Tahilani

Elegant and grand, intricate detailing and a love for fabric. Tarun Tahilani’s wedding attire designs surely know how to make a bride feel on her special day. His designer store states the obvious of why it is the best bridal boutique in Delhi. So, if you are determined to find a wedding outfit that has no budget restriction Tarun Tahilani’s store should be on your list!

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#11. Ghungat

Ghungat by Shaveta and Anuj bring a range of exceptional and breathtaking wedding attire and lehengas. They have an understanding of the different tastes every bride has and yet have come up with stunning and unique creative pieces. Doesn’t this sound like the perfect fit for the best bridal boutiques in Delhi list? Don’t hesitate anymore, go ahead and look it up! This may be the place for you…

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#12. Rajesh Paul

Fashion and trends keep changing and this isn’t just with street fashion but also with wedding clothes. Rajesh Paul understands the growing trends and moves along with it keeping traditional ideas and concepts while creating wedding outfits. A store that is fashion forward but also has a hint of tradition sounds like the best bridal boutique in Delhi there ever is! What do you think?

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#13. La Fantaisie

A wedding a dream fantasy come true, especially with a white wedding the ideas of the perfect white dress are endless. La Fantaisie explores the many options and has a limitless choice of designs to choose from! It is one of the best bridal boutiques in Delhi because they want the start of your happily ever after, to begin with, you finding your dream gown.

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Delhi has a sea of bridal boutiques but finding the best ones are not all that easy! Hope this list of the top 13 can help you find your outfit and live your special day with a lot of happiness and love! Let us know in the comments below.

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