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Bridal Emergency Kit
Bridal Emergency Kit


After all those months of anticipation and countless doing and undoing of the wedding checklist, it’s finally time to say I do! Yes, we know that there’s no ‘I do’ involved in Indian weddings, but you get the point right?

Most wedding blogs that you’ve read up till now probably began on a similar note, but that’s not what this post is about. We’re going to talk about the more exciting parts of a wedding- the disasters, mishaps, breakdowns and possible wardrobe malfunctions.  Did we take you by surprise with that statement? Now just imagine how surprised you’d be if a real emergency were to strike at your wedding!

Calm down, we’re not trying to make you hyperventilate. In fact, we’re trying to do the opposite. The part of your wedding planning that you may have missed out on is being prepared for things that can go wrong. Be prepared for any contingency with our bridal emergency kit. Here’s your cue to put them down on your wedding checklist right away.

Here are 15 things that you most definitely have to put in your wedding checklist

Makeup and Wardrobe fallbacks

Stay away from D-Day mishaps

Stay away from D-Day mishaps

  1. Lipstick or lip balms- Be sure to carry the same lipstick that you’re already wearing a quick touch up. Even a tinted balm that is the same colour as your lipstick will do.
  1. Tissues and makeup remover wipes- In case your makeup smudges, this addition to your bridal emergency kit will be a lifesaver!
  1. Hairspray- What if your hair starts to come apart on the D-day? Wouldn’t want that, now would we? Fortunately, there’s nothing that a hairspray can’t fix!
  1. Small Mirror- Every bridal emergency kit should have one of these.
  1. Perfume- All the dancing and taking pictures will have your sweat producing glands working harder so don’t forget to keep a perfume handy!
  1. Hand Sanitizer- Especially because of all the hands that you are going to be shaking.
  1. Safety Pins- Ever been to a wedding where all the maamis are going around asking for safety pins? That’s probably because the bride didn’t have any in her bridal emergency kit. Don’t be that bride!
  1. Spare flats- Even Wonder Woman can’t wear heels all day! Having spare flats can be the difference between an uncomfortable day and a joyous occasion.
  1. Mini-sewing kit- No, this doesn’t mean that you need a mini sewing machine! A mini-sewing kit consists of some needles and threads to sew up any last minute tears.

 Everything else

  1. Aspirin- In all probability, you’ll still have a headache from your cocktail night (wink wink). That’s where the aspirin come in.
  1. Sanitary pads/tampons- Just to be sure.
  1. Straws- Keep a couple of straws handy so that you can drink without ruining your lipstick. Don’t forget to go for recyclable ones so that the environment doesn’t suffer!
  1. Emergency Chocolate- For when you’re hungry, need that extra boost or just need to stress eat!
  1. Hip Flask for emergency swigs Never underestimate the reassurance that you can get from individuals like Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam.
  1. Panic Bag- To breathe into in case you get a panic attack.

 Did we miss out on anything? Tell us in the comments below!

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