Things you need to know before you hire a Bridal Makeup Artist

On their wedding day, most brides have that one thing on their mind, “How do I look?” On such a special occasion, brides want to look and feel their best; and so a bridal makeup artist is every bride’s best friend. A magical wave of her make-up wand and just like that she gives you that glamorous, dramatic, or au-naturel look that best compliments your skin tone and bridal attire. A bride’s hair and makeup should be simple, yet elegant.  With the number of different makeup styles available it can be overwhelming to pick the right style that best suits you and your dress. One mistake can screw everything up. This is why it is important that you make an informed decision when it comes to hiring a Bridal Makeup artist. 

Bridal Makeup artist
Bridal Makeup artist

So, here are a few things you need to know before choosing the right bridal makeup artist!

How to go about choosing the right makeup artist?

When you set out meeting makeup artists it’s more important that you pay attention to the questions they are asking as opposed to the responses they give to your questions. A good bridal makeup artist would want to know about lighting at the reception and during the ceremonies, what type of venue it’s going to be like, how you’re doing your hair etc. These are signs that the artist knows what matters most and how exactly to go about with your make up. Look for ones who have a repertoire of styles, willing to pay attention to your ideas, as well as making suggestions to get the most out of your look.

When to book your makeup artist?

Once you’ve found an artist whose work best suits you, I would suggest checking their availability for your wedding day. Letting the artist know your schedule as early as possible is your best option. Give them enough time to schedule a trial or have a sit down to discuss possible makeup styles. Apart from just doing your makeup, makeup artists possess a ton of skincare knowledge. It’s never a bad idea to be in frequent contact with your artist for some tips or any kind of skincare regiment that you could follow leading up to your wedding. The last thing a bride needs is a last minute breakout caused by a very questionable facial treatment that promises to have you looking two tones lighter overnight. Many professionals would agree that maintaining a healthy diet and getting enough rest is more than enough to have you looking radiant as ever.

How do I pick the right style?

Much like planning any part of your wedding, you first go over every option available. Well, choosing a bridal makeup artist is no different. There are many different styles that you could pick from. I’ve taken the liberty to mention the top five most common bridal makeup styles.

  • Au-Naturale– Keeping it basic is something a few women prefer. Especially those women who don’t wear makeup on the daily. This, however, doesn’t mean you should skip it. Playing with neutral tones for your eyes such as light browns, tans, or shades of gold could help bring out that perfect natural look. 
  • Airy and light– For those princesses at heart brides out there; this look may just be for you. With the right styling, your artist could have you with a shimmering ethereal glow all day. A soft highlighter to accentuate your cheekbones for that extra shine is the way to go.  Sweep a soft shade of eye shadow for the right amount of glow. 
  • Dramatic or Sultry– Some of you might want the opposite of the natural look, which is by no means a bad thing. Planning on leaving a lasting impression on your family, friends, and of course your groom- your hair and makeup is one of the best ways to make a style statement. Couple that with a stunning dress and sky-high heels, you will surely look like you’ve just left a photo-shoot. Dark smoky eyes with thick lashes followed by dramatic eyeliner are very much characteristic of this style. 
  • Happy and Bright– Some brides have a cheerful and colourful personality and want to show it in a big way.  You can maybe start out with a bright, eccentric shade for your eyes or lips, and centre the makeup around this. If there is a specific colour theme for your wedding, you can maybe use that colour shade around your eyes to make it really stand out. But be careful not to take it too far. 
  • 50’s Hollywood Glamour– the Hollywood glamour look is back with a vengeance. Glamorous and elegant eye makeup, coupled with soft colourful shades of multiple mascara coats, even perhaps false eyelashes to add volume.  Lined lips help to add volume and give fullness. A bright shimmering lip gloss will be the way to go, as red is the hottest trend right now. If red doesn’t suit you, ask your bridal makeup artist to suggest a shade that complements your skin tone. 

Whichever style you decide on, you need to remember that there is bound to be crying. Make sure your bridal makeup artist uses waterproof or smudge-free makeup. The last thing a bride needs on her wedding day is Panda Eyes.

Leading up to the big day

Most bridal makeup artists do a trial run few weeks before the wedding. It would be good if you could also schedule your hair stylist to do your hair trial as well. This way you can really get a good idea how the two complement each other.  Remember the trial is only for the bride and not the bridal entourage. Making it a girls day out of this, is a creative way of checking how long the makeup lasts and how it holds up under different lighting conditions. 

D-DAY tips

Getting that perfect complexion takes more than layers of foundation.  Planning a wedding is stress inducing enough to cause a breakout or bad skin. It’s crucial that you try and remain stress-free as possible and make sure you pamper yourself well. It’s of utmost importance that you stay hydrated and have your meals on time. As you get closer to the big day I would suggest that you reduce your caffeine and alcohol intake. And replace them with fresh fruit juices. Make sure you increase your fruit and vegetable consumption as well. Another good habit to help keep your skin clear is to cleanse and moisturise daily.

A good bridal makeup artist is not hard to find. But a good one that exactly suits your style and personality could be a bit difficult. So plan for it just like anything else and make your decision wisely!

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