Bridal Shower Decoration Ideas That Will Make Your Small Celebration Come Alive

One of the most fun parts of getting married is celebrating with your girl gang. Besties, sisters, maids of honour—they make every special moment even more special by their sheer presence. So it goes without saying that your bridal shower is bound to be one of the most exciting parts about the pre-wedding madness. If you’re planning to throw a small one at home, here are some bridal shower decoration ideas that will make your celebration a whole lot more memorable.

Read up and throw yourself the coolest ever “mini-shower” there was. 

Step 1: Think of a theme

Any great party, especially a bridal shower, begins with a fun theme. Themes help tie the whole event together, right from the decoration to the food and even the favours. You could be classy and go for something like a “tea party” or a “Parisian romance” which is all about elaborate head gear, pastel hues and uber-chic outfits. Alternatively, for those who want it to turn into a raging party, you could try “glitz and glam”, “Bond Girl evening” or “Bollywood”. Another way of arriving at a theme is to go visual and pick a print or a fashion trend and go with it. So you could have “florals”, “nautical” or even “check mate”. The theme is the most essential part of your bridal shower decoration idea so choose one you love. Everything, we mean everything, is going to hinge on this. 


Step 2: Plan the elements 

Ok, so now that you have a theme in mind, the next step is to plan all the elements that will come together and create the perfect bridal shower. You can have a master element, like a centre piece, which symbolises the theme. But most importantly, you need to plan the details —the colour story, the centrepieces, the bridal shower gifts and more, so they all flow together and create a memorable celebration. 

Step 3: Bring it together with food

One may think that catering and décor are two very different parts of a bridal shower, but actually, the menu is a big part of the event’s look and feel. Plan your menu in a way that it complements the theme perfectly. So if you’re having a Tea Party themed shower, do pastel coloured mini pastries, scones and baby sandwiches. If your theme is Glitz and Glam, have free-flowing champagne, gorgeous looking hors d’oeuvre and sparkly desserts. And it goes without saying—make sure your cake is a total reflection of the theme. 


Step 4: End it with the perfect favours

The last element to bring your whole baby shower decoration together is to do themed return favours for all your guests. You can choose anything, from edibles like chocolates and dessers to customised accessories. But again, always keep the theme in mind. So if your theme is Parisian Chic, your baby shower gifts can be on the lines of a macaron box, or a customised brooch. 

So now you’re ready to plan your perfect baby shower, so do the last but most important step. Create a baby gift registry so every gift you receive from your loved ones is something you’ll use and cherish, not regift. You can create your registry on

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