The Perfect Wedding Gifts Ideas For Every Kind Of Bride!

When you watch the big fat Indian weddings in Yash Raj movies have you ever noticed who the star of the show is? If you guessed the bride then you’re absolutely right! The bride is the star of the show at all the weddings and the groom is sadly sidelined. This pattern also repeats itself when it comes to gifting. When thinking about gifts, more often then not, the bride is always at the forefront. Most of the gifts suit her taste or are specifically for her. There are so many wedding gifts ideas when it comes to the bride and too little when it comes to the groom.

Wedding Gifts Ideas
Wedding Gifts Ideas

Here are some wedding gifts ideas for every kind of bride out there!

The Fashion Queen !

Who’s the bride: She’s always stylish, dressed to the nines and can give any stylist a run for their money! She knows all the trends and is not afraid to try them. You know you always run to her or even look up to her for fashion advice. She’s the fashion guru and she definitely knows it!

What to get her: She is definitely not the easiest bride to shop for. She has her own taste and she’s definitely not shy to speak her mind. She has a specific vision for her home in her mind and if your gift doesn’t suit the theme or the colour, be assured that it’ll be piled in the unwanted gifts section. Instead, choose an appliance for home or kitchen and steer clear of any decor or jewellery items. A Nespresso machine is a great choice as it’s sleek, smart and so useful!  Alternative wedding gifts ideas could be to opt for experience. Be it a couple’s massage or a weekend getaway—after all who can say no to that!

The Minimalism Queen

Who’s the bride: She’s the minimalist queen and her pose and grace prove it! She may not like or want too many things but whatever she possesses is bound to be of high quality and the best design. She’s naturally attracted to the things that scream ‘elegance’.

What to get her: You’ve got a bride who’s anything but flashy, and all about quality, so shopping for her should be easy-peasy! Just invest in something that’s truly about craftsmanship and excellence. If she enjoys cooking, opt for something from KitchenAid, a brand that is so synonymous with this personality type. Other great wedding gifts ideas would be a beautiful piece of art, high-quality bed linen, or something classic like a pair of silver champagne flutes!

The Boho Queen

Who’s the bride: She’s always down to have a fun time and doesn’t care about elegance and details as long as she’s having fun. She’s sporty, filled with zest and a natural love for all things eclectic. She doesn’t pay much attention to things and is always on the lookout for new experiences!

What to get her: Here’s your chance to shop for something truly adventurous and innovative! Commissioning a portrait for the couple is a great idea, as you know this is a couple who’ll enjoy it. A fun rug, bar accessories or even a clone of the couple could be something to go for. Also, since this bride is all about experiencing life rather than things, a holiday or even a charitable contribution in her name would be highly appreciated.

Still not sure what would make the best gift for the couple despite these wedding gifts ideas? Go for the fail-proof option and refer the couple to a gift registry with Wedding Wishlist, so they can create a list of wedding gifts they would love to receive. And then all you have to do is pick your favourite and buy or contribute towards it. That simple!

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