The most drool-worthy celebrities gift registry to get inspired from!

From Priyanka Chopra to Channing Tatum and Ivanka Trump, what’s common in all these celebrities? They’re seriously drool-worthy, they’re all billionaires AND they created a gift registry for their wedding. And that’s the beauty of gift registries—they’re not about asking for gifts (cause these uber-successful celebs are in want of nothing!), they’re about making sure every gift you receive on your big day is loved and cherished by you!

As your favourite gift registry expert, the team at Wedding Wishlist picks out some of their favourite celebrity registries (there are sooo many to choose from!) and tells you how you can get wedding gifts just like your favourite stars. So read on and get some serious inspiration for the best wedding gifts ever!

Celebrity Gift Registry
Celebrity Gift Registry

We’ve put together a few of the items in these celebrities’ gift registry and where to find them:

#1. Kaley Cuoco

This Big Bang Theory star’s proposal video was a big bang on social media. (Just had to say it). Kaley Cuoco and her husband Karl Cook are animal enthusiasts and they had a horse themed wedding. Given, their unusual wedding gift it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they had added non-human gifts to their registry! The star had requested her guests to bring dog and cat donations for Paw Works, a local animal shelter in California. Even the message was unique, as it came from her pet dog Norman. If you’re a huge Penny fan and want to have a gift registry similar to hers, just add an animal shelter to your registry.

#2. Priyanka Chopra

The Desi Girl had a stunning royal wedding in Jaipur. But did you know that she had created a gift registry on Amazon? The registry had a healthy mix of all things she might require in her day-to-day life. It even has a few things for her pet dog Diana. You can also follow her footsteps and add them to your wedding gift registry. Flash News! You can find them all on

1.Kitchenaid stand mixer

2. Cocktail Shaker

3. Food Processor

4. Blender

5. Bar Cart

6. Burgundy Glass

7. Decanter

8. Backpack

9. Luggage

10. Bedsheet Set

11. Rug

12. TV

13. Towel Set

14. Travel Bag

15. Cookware

#3. Deepika Padukone

This Indian beauty stole our heart right from her Om Shanti Om days. She is the epitome of grace and elegance. #DeepVeer has been giving us #couplegoals for a few years now and their wedding was no less than we expected. The couple had asked their guests to donate to the ‘Live, Love Laugh’ foundation in lieu of weddings gifts. As seen here, a charity registry is becoming one of the most preferred wedding gifts that the couple choose. Creating a charity registry has never been simpler. Just choose the charity you like and add it to your registry and voila! You’re done.

#4. Ivanka Trump

Ivanka, daughter and advisor of the current POTUS has been steadily rising in her political career as well and has created a niche for herself. Being a daughter of a billionaire did not deter her from creating a gift registry. Seeing that a registry’s purpose is to get the gifts you want and also help simplify the gifting process for the guests, this should not come as a surprise. What comes as a surprise that she chose to go for minimalist things ranging from glass to baking items. Here are a few things on her registry that you can find on Wedding Wishlist


2. Cutlery

3. Baking Sheet Pans/ Cake Pans

4. Sterling silver Photo frame

#5. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

The Magic Mike star seems to be the most popular among the ladies. The couple has come a long way from their Step Up days. This Hollywood heartthrob’s registry may not be public but we do know a couple of things that were on it. They asked for fancy Faberge gold dinnerware, a panini press and also a Breville Dual-Disc Juice Extractor. They also requested a piece of luggage. Seeing that couple split after 9 years of marriage I hope at least someone got to keep the gold dinnerware!

Celebrities are really not all that different from us. The main reason why couples in India are hesitant to create a registry is that they are worried about what their guests might think of it and it doesn’t look very dignified. Well, as you can see here, these celebrities all felt that a gift registry will add value to their wedding and the guests also really loved it. In conclusion, our advice would be to just go for it and leave all your hesitations behind!

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