Celebrity Weddings That Nailed Their Gift Registry!

We are all guilty of following celebrity weddings to the very T! Impatiently waiting for those Instagram wedding photographs to see what the wedding was like, the clothes, the celebrity list and also what gifts they got. A trend that goes around during celebrity weddings is getting them gifts from their wedding registry. This can vary from one extreme to another and can surely surprise you.

Celebrity Weddings
Celebrity Weddings

We took the liberty of scooping some information of the most loved celebrity weddings in the past year and had a look into their wedding gift registry!

#1 Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas

The ultimate desi girl and extremely talented singer of the Jonas brothers band tied the knot last year! This wedding got every person in a love-craze frenzy. Everyone wanted to know what, how, and when they were getting married. 2018 was indeed a year with incredible celebrity weddings. Just like all to-be-married couples, Priyanka and Nick sent out a wedding registry that had gifts they would like to receive. Are you thinking what could these super celebrities want as gifts? Well, here is a list of gifts that can be found on Amazon too.

P.S: These are just a few of the gift that Priyanka and Nick registered for!

  1. Record player; Priyanka really loves a record player. She went for a C6 Belt-Drive Turntable, as it sets for a good piece in the house and works great for a party.
  2. Priyanka loves her dog Diana with all her heart, so this wedding gift was an investment for her to keep an eye on her beloved. She wanted a pet GPS system, this was the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor.
  3. Who wouldn’t love a good wall aesthetic that also comes in handy to have a look at yourself? One of her other wedding gifts was a 3×3 Tile Mirror of Rivet. This design says a lot about PC’s style, doesn’t it?
  4. All work and no play? Well, that does not sound like PC! One of the other things she added to her wedding registry were a pair of rollerblades! The Bladerunner Advantage Pro XT Inline Skate to be exact. This reminds her of her childhood and also hopes to bond with her hubby over this activity.

#2 Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh

#DeepVeer’s wedding was indeed the spectacle of 2018 celebrity weddings. Throughout the course of their relationship, Deepika and Ranveer were all hush-hush about their relationship status. Until the day of their wedding announcement. They are one of Bollywood’s most beautiful and loved couple, so one can only imagine what could this perfect jodi want as gifts to their wedding? Well, fret no more because we got the deets for you!

  1. Just like any other married couple, #DeepVeer thought of things that could help set up their home, which is why one of their gifts in the registry was a product from Bed Bath and Beyond; it was the DaVinci Kalani 3-Drawer Dresser in Espresso. Doesn’t this magnificent and stylish dresser describe the impeccable taste of Deepika and Ranveer?
  2. Another essential gift that they added to their list was the Pyrex® 19-Piece Glass Bake and Store Set. Who wouldn’t love this beautiful glassware?
  3. One of the other gifts #DeepVeer added to their registry was the Coleman® Sundome® 3-Person Camping Tent. We didn’t know that camping was on the minds of this couple, but now we do cannot wait to see some other pictures!
  4. What good would a camping tent be with a great sleeping bag? Here is the other gift the added to the registry to help complete the requirement of their future camping trip: Coleman® Adjustable Comfort Adult Sleeping Bag

#3 Meghan Markle and Prince Harry (Duke and Duchess of Sussex)

The Royal Wedding; a fairytale comes to life. Once the day arrived, everyone was scrolling through the internet to find out what they wore, who arrived and how this was one of the most talked about celebrity weddings ever. The Duchess surprised everyone by wearing two beautiful wedding gowns, but did you know that this royal couple also had a wedding registry? Although their gift registry isn’t as common as the ones mentioned above; they are extremely close to the hearts of this royal couple. To those who attended the wedding were requested to not bring any physical gifts but to make a contribution to the charities that listed below:

  1. Surfers against Sewage, an organisation that campaigns for anti-plastics measures in the UK.
  2. The Children’s HIV Association in the UK and Ireland.
  3. An organization that funds women’s hygiene in the slums of Mumbai, India; Myna Mahila Foundation.
  4. A military charity that supports children who have lost parents in the line of duty in the UK, known as Scotty’s Little Soldiers
  5. A homeless charity in the UK known as Crisis
  6. A UK organisation that collaborates with Australia’s Rhino project and Bush Heritage Australia. This organization goes by the name of The Wilderness Foundation.
  7. Lastly, a charity that supports disadvantaged children in the UK – Street Games

#4 Kaley Cuoco and Karl Cook

Everyone knows the ever gorgeous Kaley (aka Penny from The Big Bang Theory) and her husband Karl Cook! This was completely different from any other celebrity weddings seen and heard. This lovely couple are animal lovers and chose to take a different path in terms of creating a wedding registry. Instead of making a list of all the human gifts possible, Kaley and Karl asked their guests to make donations to their favourite animal shelter. They wanted their 4 legged friends to benefit out of their wedding and be happy! Doesn’t this sound amazing and incredibly heartwarming?

Although wedding registries aren’t seen much in India, the trend of this seems to be growing. To inform your guests of the best-suited wedding gift would make things so much simpler and help them too! Do you know of any other amazing celebrity weddings registry? Well, share them with us in the comments below!

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