Here is Why Every Celebration Needs a Charity Registry

Everybody loves celebrations – be it birthdays, weddings, baby showers, anniversaries or housewarming. Similarly, everybody loves gifts, which is common for any kind of celebration. A gift registry has simplified this gifting process, as the guest is able to buy or contribute to a gift that is meaningful to the host – no repeats or wasteful gifts! It reflects exactly what the host needs, but what if the host does not need gifts? Would a registry still be relevant? Enter charity registry. It is simply a registry where you add charity organizations instead of physical gifts like furniture or appliances, and your guests can contribute to these organizations. Celebrations come with a lot of joy, and to sum up, a charity registry is a great way to share some of this joy with the underprivileged.

Charity Registry
Charity Registry

Let us tell you why a charity registry is needed for every celebration.

#1. Feel-Good Factor

Charity is said to be a selfless act, but we cannot disagree more. There is such a satisfying feeling after contributing to a noble cause. When you get to share the love that you receive on your special day, the happiness doubles, doesn’t it?

#2. Efficient Allocation of Resources

A charity registry redirects gifts to where they are needed most – to the needy and underprivileged. This way, there are no wasteful gifts that are adding to an existing pile of unused gifts. Even the smallest contribution becomes extremely meaningful.

#3. Great Alternative to Traditional Gifts

Sometimes you may feel like you have everything, for instance when the bride is moving in with her in-laws. But when your guests still insist on getting you a gift, a charity registry is your answer. Add charitable organizations to your registry and let your guests contribute towards noble causes you are most passionate about.

#4. No shopping lists!

The best part about a charity registry is that you do not need to spend hours making a list of things to add. In short, your registry can be set up in very little time, and your valuable time is free to be spent on other important wedding planning tasks.

#5. Make a Difference at an Individual Level

It does not always take a billionaire or a big corporation to make a social impact. A small gesture of one single person can go a long way. By creating a charity registry, you can make a difference in somebody else’s life, even if only one. 

#6. You Inspire Others

We cannot imagine an Indian celebration without friends & family. When all these guests contribute to your registry, more people become aware of it. Hence, by creating a charity registry, you can inspire all your guests to do the same, thereby multiplying its benefits.

#7. Tax Exemption for your Guests

Your guests who contribute have the added benefit of tax relief, as donations to most registered charitable organizations in India are tax exempted, and the organization can issue a certificate for the same.

#8. Best of both worlds

Opting for a charity registry does not mean that you cannot add physical products. You can certainly have a combination of charitable organizations as well as gifts. Guests are free to contribute to either, based on their preference. And you get the best of both worlds!

The option to add a charitable organization to your gift registry is a welcome change and is being actively embraced by the socially conscious millennials. If you are looking to have a smart and waste-free celebration, think no further than a gift registry, or better still, a charity registry!

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