Celebrate Your Special Occasion with a Charity Registry

Indian weddings evoke images of extravagance, and wasteful gifts you will likely never use. What if instead of wedding gifts, you could receive donations to charitable causes and help those in need? With a charity registry, couples can do exactly that!

We are delighted to announce that Wedding Wishlist has partnered with GiveIndia to offer Charity Registry, where you choose a cause you care about. Family, friends & guests donate any amount to this cause & receive an 80G certificate for their donation. You receive a notification, the charity receives the funds, multiplying the joy many times over. It’s a win-win!

Not just charities, you can add physical gifts, gift cards & experiences to your gift registry on Wedding Wishlist, the perfect choice for socially-conscious millennials. So, if you or a loved one has a special occasion coming up – birthday, anniversary, new home, or baby birth – and can’t stop family & friends from giving you gifts, a charity registry is a great way to receive meaningful gifts and share the love.

For more information or to speak with someone, reach us at info@weddingwishlist.com or +918754550002

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