10 Charities That You Can Consider For Your Charity Registry

It’s the year 2020, and while many are going ahead with an unconventional method of getting married; wedding gifts can also go another route. Introducing, charity registry. While you may be aware of a wedding registry concept; a charity registry is now something couples are trending towards as their wedding gifts. While many are used to getting gifts that will help them build their newlywed lives, registering with a charity is another way you can begin your new chapter. 

Given this year, many people have undergone unfortunate situations and tragedies, and if your wedding can be an outlet where you and your guests can help someone in need; wouldn’t that be just splendid? 

Not only is a charity registry going to help the person in need, but it will also make you feel great while making a large impact. And if you’re leaning towards this idea but don’t know where to begin we’ve listed down 10 charities your guests can make a donation at.

Charity Registry
Charity Registry

Consider this as your charity registry or you can check for a cause that may be dearer and near to your heart. 

#1. No Child Hungry 

This charity aims at feeding and providing meals to children who don’t have any access to food or suffer from malnutrition. This year especially has been extremely hard and difficult for everyone. The pandemic has curbed work and reduced the income of families, which has directly hit the food and meal intake of families and children. Adding No Child Hungry to your wedding charity registry will help this charity raise money to feed multiple children and not let them get affected by malnutrition. Now, you may wonder how much ever you donate would never be enough, and while that may be true; whatever amount is donated by your guests will always help the children immensely and let them not go hungry.   

#2. Every Girl In School 

It’s not news that girls aren’t provided with the same educational opportunities. That’s mainly because families cannot afford to provide them with the means to get an education and pursue their studies. Everyone has the right to education, and through this charity Every Girl In School, every girl child will get the resources and opportunity to go to a school and learn like everyone else. Your charity registry will help educate girls and build a better future for them, for our country, and the world in general. You have the chance to include this in your wedding charity registry and making a huge impact in the lives of girls. 

#3. Gram Vikas Trust 

Life in rural areas for women isn’t easy, especially in the case of sanitation. While the topic of menstrual hygiene and management is regarded as taboo, recently there has been a lot of NGO’s that are working towards bringing awareness and light around this topic. Gram Vikas Trust works towards providing sanitary napkins to women in rural areas, informing them about the importance of hygiene and how to take care of oneself during that time. Educating them further and making their life easier is the aim of this trust. Adding them to your wedding charity registry will not only bring this topic more in focus amongst your guests but will also help thousands of women who have limited to no access to sanitary napkins. 

#4. No Child Homeless 

As sad as the truth is, we’ve seen many homeless children on the streets. Trying to find some money and living off the streets, which has pulled away from the innocence of their playful child life. In an ideal world, we wish for no child to experience pain, be homeless, and struggle. So, in your wedding charity registry add No Child Homeless. They work towards taking care of the children who are homeless. This charity aims to keep the child away from any harm’s way and provides them with shelter.

#5. St. Jude India Childcare Centres

The ‘C’ word disease has affected people across the world and children aren’t spared either. To help families with the funds and fight their child’s cancer, St. Jude India Childcare Centres takes care of children who suffer from cancer regardless of their financial situation. Including this charity in your registry will help the center with their funds in taking care and helping cure children’s cancer. Your wedding is a beautiful day, and also a beautiful day to save lives. 

#6. Amar Seva Sangam 

Helping differently-abled and underprivileged children can be an incredible thing. Include Amar Seva Sangam in your charity registry and let your guests donate any amount. Every little amount goes a long way and helps the child in need. They teach the children, provides them with food, shelter, and aid ensuring that no child esp those who are differently-abled is left out because every child deserves to be treated well. 

#7. Apnalaya 

Domestic violence cases towards women are at a surprisingly high rate. While many women find it difficult to leave these situations and move ahead, there are a few who manage to but don’t have the financial or mental capacity to survive by themselves. Apnalaya is a charity that aims to take care of women’s well-being; their mental and physical health. Add this to your charity registry and make a world of a difference to the women who are desperately in need of help. 

#8. EKAM Foundation

EKAM Foundation is a charity that should be a part of your charity registry! Their main aim is that every child has the right to healthcare. They should not be denied the right to treatment. Not only does this foundation provide healthcare, but they have also set up camps and workshops to teach and help adolescents, expectant mothers, and the community in general. 

#9. ISHA Education 

ISHA Education is a charity that provides children with a high-quality education and even prepares them for higher studies and work. They have schools that teach English so that children can learn and make their way in the world. Your charity registry will enable your guests to make a donation on your behalf and help this charity to provide the best holistic education possible. 

#10. 10 Million Meals 

A meal seems like a basic right, correct? While we take this for granted many children go hungry on a daily basis. Include 10 Million Meals to your wedding charity registry and rise against hunger. This charity aims at providing 10 million meals to school-going children in a year, which is extremely commendable. Contributing an amount will definitely make a huge difference in the lives of the children and your guests too!

There are endless causes and charities that you can include in your charity registry, you can explore some more at GiveIndia. Hopefully, the above 10 charity suggestions can get you started to consider your options and choose the ones that you are keen to help.

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