Top 9 Chocolates Gifting Ideas for Newlywed Couples in 2020

Wedding chocolates are a sweet ending to a new beginning! And life is like a box of chocolates. Each chocolate projects the life’s position. While some are crunchy and nutty, and others soft and small – all are delicious! Gifting chocolates, finely wrapped in decorative pouches or boxes, adds to its sweetness. There are various means for you to portray your love and affection for the newly-weds, especially when it stands as a gift for their marriage. Different chocolate connoisseurs or designing agencies cater to your preferences and customizes these with glitz and glam. Can you think of an ordinary candy bar or éclair in an attractive shape, or else a slice of bacon dipped into molten dark chocolate and rolled into half? 

Gifting fancy chocolate boxes can work either way. If you are about to tie the knot soon, you can consider getting beautifully designed customised chocolate boxes as your wedding return gifts


So, without wasting much time, read the top nine chocolates gifting ideas meant for the newlywed couples!

#1. Choco nuggets

The foil-wrapped small Choco nuggets come in dual flavours – milk and dark. You have the option to choose the right one to gift the newly-weds. These nuggets are quite an ‘everyday treat’ amongst the chocolate-lovers. These memorials contain almonds and cashews coated with chocolate, engraved with beautiful wordings. Some of them have finely drawn artwork too. You can also get these delectable treats customized with the newly-weds’ names! Delight them with these chocolate gifts, packed in small glazed cartons, which they will cherish for long. 

#2. Custom-made candy bars

Wedding favours were never sweeter than these custom-made candy bars. Indulge the newly-weds’ taste palate with its creamy and smooth texture. Get Hershey’s bar of milk chocolates wrapped in foil paper, while customizing the same with your preferred design and small wedding quotes. Each weighs around 1.50 ounce, so you can get them boxed inside a beautiful looking gift box. Wrap the gift box with photos or names of the married couple to give a personal touch. Your initials and their marriage date will do the talking.  

#3. Ferrero Rocher wedding favours 

Delicious is the word! Gift Ferro Rocher wedding favours chocolate boxes to the beautiful couple to make their day memorable. These come in golden foil, which gives the gift box and the contents inside a distinctive look. Made of thick milk chocolates and coated with a hazelnut cream layer, they taste succulently delicious. Pre-order this chocolate box with the couples’ names or initials to make it closer to their heart. 

#4. Personalized chocolate and honey-dipped Oreo-Cookie

Who does not love Oreo cookies? Well, we all. It takes us back to the good old days, filled with happy memories. The chocolate-dipped oreo cookies’ base is made of dark, white, or milk chocolate, with a dash of real honey. If desired, personalize these with the couple’s picture or initials. Treat the newly-weds with these extraordinarily attractive-looking and tasty sweet confectioneries. The outer shell is the most amazing one made of Belgium chocolate, showcasing the bride’s gown or else the groom’s tuxedo. Remember to pre-order this particular chocolate gift, 7 to 8 weeks prior to the marriage day. Your surprise for the newly-weds should be a well-timed one.

#5. Hot Chocolate drink mix

Get these Hot Chocolate drink mixes to share the special day with the newly-weds. This customized chocolate gift is a grand way of commemorating their life’s special event. Attach a small packet of sticky marshmallows to complete your gifting idea. Sufficient for consumption for one person, this heady chocolate mixture comes in small glossy pouches, with the preparing instructions written on the backside. Ask the decorator to add a few lines, printed on a small label of your choice to make the entire chocolate drink, an extraordinary one. This chocolate gifting idea stands perfect for winter weddings or during the late fall.

#6. Belgium chocolate truffles 

You will find a lot many chocolatiers making marvellous truffles. Contact one of them and pre-order these chocolates for the newly-weds, as their wedding favours. Cherry-pick from their assorted flavours, which ranges from peppery, piquant, and exotic ones. Most of these chocolate connoisseurs’ well-acclaimed history will surprise you with astounding know-hows. Personalize these with the good one-liners matching the occasion to make it more unique. Also, get these delicious chocolates engraved with the couple’s initials. The entire gifting concept will turn into an impressive affair. 

#7. Chocolate-dipped strawberry tuxedos

Juicy strawberries taste well when dipped in molten white or dark chocolate. Yes! We are talking about the chocolate tuxedos made of strawberries! These chocolate delights cater to various chocolate types, with a final make-over of a tuxedo. The chocolate-making experts dress up the juicy strawberries, giving them a tacky yet elegant outlook. These small tuxes are the perfect chocolate gift to celebrate the wedding day or any romantic moment.

#8. Caramelized apples with dark chocolate

How about gifting the newly-weds with caramelized apples coated with dark chocolate? These caramel apples get back the winter memories and transform the entire occasion into a more sophisticated one. Ask your chocolate designer to team them with chocolate-covered strawberries to enhance the taste of a delicious mishmash. Decorate these treats according to your preference, with outer layers of grounded peanuts or hazelnuts. Wrap these goodies in gold/silver dipped muslin pouches, and stick some small labels with the couples’ initials.

#9. ‘Wedding-couple’ Chocolate-coated Olives

Plan for olives to give a rustic theme in your chocolate gifting ideas. Stir the newly-weds’ gastronomy by these molten chocolate-covered olives. These olives are not just chocolates but are gifts wrapped in little coloured burlap-sacks. Slightly similar to the strawberry tuxedos, the chocolate makers give it a look of bride and groom. These are the generic ones, with look-alike groom wearing a tuxedo, and a similar-looking bride in white chocolate, with laced details. The ‘wedding-couple’ chocolate olive wedding favours are attractive-looking, having a delicious sweet and salty taste. But remember to emboss the newly-weds’ initials on top of the gift sacks, and tie each one with satin ribbons. A touch of elegance is always appreciated! 


Chocolates can cover anything. ANYTHING! How about a bag of potato/banana chips dipped in rich chocolate or else caramelized apples in chocolate? There are many ways that you can dip fruits or cookies or smother them with molten chocolate. Both white and dark work well, so you can make your choice with perfection. Never limit yourself to imagining the new methods. Especially chocolate gifting ideas. You can also ask the experts to stack these little pouches inside the box of various sizes. Be innovative and showcase the same with the top nine chocolate gifting ideas for newlywed couples.

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