How to Share your Registry of Wedding Gifts?

Do you find it weird to disclose your choice of wedding gifts to your guests? Do you think it’s awkward to compel your guests to purchase a wedding gift opted by you? Do not worry!

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Being a brand new concept in India, it is highly likely that few of your wedding guests would not be open to the idea of using an online gift wishlist for various reasons, be it cultural or technical. A friend of mine feels that the wedding wish list is a great idea and would love to use the service for her wedding. However, she is worried that her parents would not find it necessary to have a wishlist for her wedding or thinks that it does not fit in well with their culture and customs. They would much rather prefer their guests bringing wedding gifts of their choice to her wedding.

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As much as we would have loved it if every wedding goer used the wedding wishlist as their preferred wedding gift concierge for an upcoming wedding, we completely understand that it may take a little time for everyone to view the wishlist as an accepted way of gift giving. We are willing to wait it out and are confident that wedding wishlist will soon be the trusted way of giving gifts.

With a fast approaching wedding on the cards, it’s normal for the couple to be uncomfortable with sharing their wishlist with all of their guests. We understand that you have guests from different social circles and relations. Your degree of closeness to each guest differs – some close and some distant.

Due to this circumstance, you can choose to disclose your preferred wedding wishlists with whomever you choose. If you prefer to share this information only with your closest friends and family, this is perfectly fine!  All you need to do is create a wishlist and share the link with your close family and friends via facebook, messages or email.

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While creating your wedding wishlist, you can limit the visibility of your wishlist using the settings. Choose ‘public’ if you would like your wishlist to be available and seen by everyone. This setting is ideal for a big wedding, where many are open to the idea of using the wishlist to purchase your wedding gift.

Choose the ‘private’ setting for your wishlist if you would like to limit the visibility of your wishlist. This setting is ideal if you are only comfortable sharing your list with a closed group of few friends and family.

It’s absolutely normal to feel a bit awkward about conveying your wishlist to your guests. However, remember that wedding wishlist is a great tool to use for your wedding, to make the whole gifting process completely streamlined. No matter what inhibition you have regarding using the wishlist, remember there is always a positive way to handle it and execute it perfectly.

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