How Indian Weddings Will Change Post Corona – An Overview

By now, everyone is familiar with the running theme at Indian weddings – take grand to an even greater scale. While big fat Indian weddings have become the norm and people spending such a great amount of their savings on their wedding, the situation has changed in recent years. Millennial couples were opting for more practical weddings over big fat weddings. But now, the Corona pandemic has changed almost everything. With countries going in lockdowns and social gatherings being banned, the pandemic has also changed the wedding landscape.

So, here’s how Indian weddings will change post this coronavirus pandemic!

The Corona Pandemic & Indian Weddings
The Corona Pandemic & Indian Weddings

#1. Will big fat Indian weddings still be a thing?

“ I’d suggest the couples do not plan their wedding as the “Big Fat Indian Wedding” for the next 6 months. They can have a small intimate wedding, with their friends and family.”  – Shubh Muhurat Luxury Weddings

Usually, you’ll see about 400-500 people at an Indian wedding. This includes people that the couple may not know which the bridal party had taken upon themselves to invite. This huge guest list will be the first thing to go when it comes to weddings post the corona pandemic. Couples lately were already opting for smaller weddings. We’re sure to see this trend boom post corona with more and more people opting for smaller intimate weddings with their close friends and family. 

#2. Destination weddings may not be the hottest trend

“Given the current coronavirus situation, it will be a long recovery period for the wedding industry. One could expect a much lower guest count even in winter weddings, with there being a hesitation to travel.” Sriram – Pranaya weddings

After surviving this corona pandemic and things going back to normal people are naturally going to be a little weary of travel with no vaccinations available currently. So, if you’re going to have a destination wedding in places like Thailand, Italy, Sri Lanka or Dubai, expect a lot of guests RSVPing No to your wedding. With the increasing number of asymptomatic coronavirus cases being reported in China, people are naturally going to be leary of travel. So, what you can do is have a wedding in your own city with only your close friends and family. 

#3. People will become more conscious of their wedding spend

“In my view the entire wedding spend will be revisited during the slow down period that this anticipated from now till next year or so. There will be a lot of measures right from the number of guests to the size of the venue. Weddings will move towards conservative spends.” Pranaya weddings

When it comes to Indian weddings, people save money throughout many years for their big day. It’s a running theme among Indians to save money throughout their lives and spend it on big fat weddings of their children. Post corona, we’ll be able to witness a lot of people be conscious of their wedding spend. They’ll be looking to minimise the budget wherever they can and couples will also be careful when it comes to vendor choices. Since the guest list in itself will come down, the wedding spend will also come down simultaneously since most of it like the venue, catering, seating, wedding favours etc. all depend on it and once the guest list will come down then so will all the requirements. 

#4. Wedding waste will be taken seriously

“ Anything which is not used to its full potential is waste.” – Dhanya & Bharghav

Weddings produce a lot of waste which most people don’t know about. In 2019, a wedding in Auli made headlines for leaving behind 100s of tons of waste. During the corona lockdown, we’ve all realised just how important resources are, especially food. So couples will be more conscious of reducing waste when it comes to their wedding. They’ll look for options like donating excess food, using locally sourced items, banning plastic at their wedding etc.

To the couples who are looking to reduce waste – one thing you must definitely consider is creating a gift registry. One of the wedding wastes that we never think about is the unwanted wedding gifts which eventually are either regifted and then go to waste or are never used by the couple and end up as waste. Nevertheless, a gift registry can help solve this problem as you get the wedding gifts you actually want and will use. 

#5. Wedding Technology is the new ‘it thing’

“As an engineer couple, we also feel technology will become a big part of our wedding planning in the ‘new’ world we emerge in. From live streaming our wedding for guests who can’t make it to opting for e-invites, there’s a lot that can now be done online. We’re even thinking of doing a gift registry for our wedding to make it easier for guests. “ Athira and Lal

There are going to be a lot of weddings post the Corona lockdown. So, there’s going to be a huge demand for wedding vendors and planners. Also, as mentioned earlier couples will be more conscious about their budget. So, keeping all this in mind, we can definitely say that people will be using a lot of wedding technology for their weddings. Things like wedding websites, online wedding invitations and live streaming will be a common sight at Indian weddings. Additionally, couples will also start using wedding apps to plan their wedding as these apps can help plan a wedding really easily and can help manage the logistics. Also, they’ll opt for wedding designs like their very own wedding logo to personalize their wedding. 

#6. Well researched and independent couples

“One needs to think about the kind of wedding you want. I was sure I didn’t want to get married in a time like this. And now I get a chance to have a do-over. Fix the things that didn’t go as planned this time, make sure it’s perfect the next time” – Sindoori

One thing that the corona lockdown has given us is abundant time on our hands. With all the time on their hands, couples are researching and planning their wedding on their own. While earlier, couples were dependent on wedding planners and the bridal to sort out the wedding planning, couples now can do everything themselves as they have a lot of time. You’ll find couples who’ve researched well, know their stuff and can easily pick out the best vendors they need. 

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