Wedding Duties for a Couple’s Best Friends – Corona Edition!

There are few occasions more fun and anticipated than your best friend’s wedding. You’ve probably planned every last detail since you were kids—the clothes, the friends, the parties, the madness. And as the BFF, your main duty is to be by your friend’s side, ready to tackle any emergency. The Corona pandemic has put a rather unpleasant halt on weddings as we know them.

Here’s the new guide on how to be prepared for a corona wedding!

Corona Wedding Best friend Duties
Corona Wedding Best friend Duties

Forget the lipstick & perfume! You need an all-new emergency kit 

With a guest list that is limited to 50 due to corona, a lot of guests will be attending the wedding online. As the best friend of the bride/groom, you need to make sure you can take photos, connect them to loved ones on video calls and stream parts of the wedding for those who couldn’t attend. This means your emergency supplies should include a power bank, charger and a fully functional phone. Further, with the “new normal”, you need a stash of sanitizers, face masks and gloves at hand. 

The bachelor/bachelorette party will probably be online. Make it special

So any plans you had of jet-setting to exotic locales for the big night have flown right out of the window. But you can still gather close friends on a zoom call and plan a party to remember. Send everyone a small hamper before the party with custom t-shirts, ingredients to a signature cocktail and some party essentials. Choose a dress code, plan some fun games and get the ball rolling. 

Be prepared to be a disciplinarian 

It’s a wedding, and everyone present will want to celebrate with the bride and groom. However, as the best man or maid of honour, your job is to keep the couple safe from corona. So you’ve got to master a polite version of “please wear a mask” or “would you like sanitizer” for anyone not following protocol. Start practising, because there’s always a few who think they can beat the virus. 

Manage their gift registry

One of the best parts of getting married is all the gifts you get. The not-so-great part is getting gifts you don’t want. And the worst part is not getting them all! With most of your guests attending online, a gift registry is the best way to make it easy for your guests to send you a gift you love, while removing the need for any physical experience, thus making it safer for everyone. And as the best friend, you can create and manage the registry for the couple. 

Think virtual & get inventive

For anyone who’s wedding date is in 2020, it’s not going to be the day they grew up imagining. So as the best friend, do what you can to make it extra special for them, and there is no better answer than technology. Create a beautiful website for the couple with their story and pictures, put together a video from loved ones, get sangeet practices done online—anything you can do to make the day memorable.

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