Weddings in the Times of Corona – Hemlata & Sunil

2nd April, 2020. That was supposed to be the day Hemlata & Sunil had their fairytale wedding—functions that spanned days, all their loved ones present and a whole lot of fun and laughter. Instead, they’re at their respective homes, quarantined and social distancing. “This whole incident makes me realize how we take things for granted in life! Of all the possibilities, a microscopic virus being the reason for my wedding getting postponed was not something I ever imagined,” says Hemlata, as she mulls over the irony.

Weddings in the times of Corona
Weddings in the times of Corona

The couple, who were planning their wedding for over six months, was about to start sending out invitations when the first case was confirmed in India. “We are both from Rajasthan, and as soon as we heard the state had a COVID19 positive case, we knew the wedding was going to get impacted. However, the whole family was trying to be positive and hoped that things would not escalate,” says the bride. The plan was to wait till the 25th March and take a call, “but we didn’t really need to wait, as PM Modi announced the lockdown before.”

And then began the cancellations

“Even though the circumstances forced us to postpone our wedding in March-end, the signs were there from earlier. Many of our guests declined to attend, and quite honestly, I didn’t want my dream wedding to happen just for the sake of it,” she says. So then began the process of cancelling and re-planning. That’s what kept them busy during the lockdown. “I wouldn’t say it was easy or difficult to cancel all the arrangements for the wedding. It was what it was. None of our vendors returned the advances, but they also promised to reschedule their services to whatever later date we planned. In these circumstances, everyone understands and cooperates in the best way they can.”

Weddings in the times of Corona
Sunil & Hemlata

While all this was highly disappointing for the couple, here’s how they kept sane through it all, and recommend to other couples as well…

  1. Celebrate the love. What kept me and Sunil going through these tough times was our long video calls, inspiring social media posts and attempts to cheer each other. Getting through these times together will only strengthen the love!
  2. Keep calm and carry on. Accepting and being positive will help overcome the situation a lot better than obsessing about what could have been.
  3. Remember your wedding has been postponed! Not cancelled! It’s a matter of time before it happens, and it can be perfect.
  4. For every girl, it’s tough to leave her parents’ home and move in with her husband. Make the most of these extra days to reconnect with family.
  5. How do you want your wedding to be whenever it happens? – In light of all that’s happened, we are planning to a smaller ceremony with a filtered down guest list—intimate, personal and perfect.
  6. And most importantly, stay home and stay safe. That’s the biggest blessing of all.

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